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A Woman Called Out Sexist Men Who Are "Scared" To Have A Daughter And Everyone Needs To See It

Emma for President.

Emma, a 17-year-old high school senior from Arizona, decided she'd had enough when she shared this TikTok calling out men on the app for saying they "hope they don't have a daughter."

In the TikTok, Emma explains that she's tired of "boys saying they hope they don't have a daughter, because of the possibility that they might wear a bikini or have a pair of boobs." She's referring to a trend where men will either leave a comment or duet a woman's TikTok (often when she's underage) saying their behavior makes them not want to have a daughter.

She then goes on to explain why she would actually be "scared" to have a daughter: "I'm scared to have a daughter because she might go out in fear of her life because of your son. I'm scared to have a daughter because at a very young age, I'm gonna have to teach her how to defend herself from your son."

"I'm scared to have a daughter because she might have to go through what I went through, as somebody's daughter, because of your son. I'm scared to have a daughter because one day she might feel like she's lost control of her own body because your son couldn't control his."

"I'm scared to have a daughter because she might be hesitant to speak up because your son's football scholarship matters more than her safety and the safety of other girls."

"So, how about instead of hoping and praying that you don't have a daughter, you go ahead and realize why you don't want to have a daughter, and that's because you're scared of other boys looking at her the way that you look at girls today. And that's all."

"SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!" —Me, and also many of the comments on Emma's TikTok.

When asked what inspired her to share her thoughts on TikTok, Emma told BuzzFeed, "I believe that there are much more important issues involved in worrying about having a daughter than her being comfortable with her own body, like the things I listed in the video. You’ll find comments [from men] like that all over the app. Mainly on videos of women showing a bit of skin or talking about their sexuality openly."

She also explained how she feels women are treated differently on TikTok, as well as everyday life. "I 100% think men and women are treated differently on the app. A woman cannot post a video of herself without men in the comments degrading, sexualizing, or insulting her. However, a man can post whatever he wants and be praised for it."

"Something I never see being talked about is how scary it actually is to live in this world as a woman. Speaking for myself and lots of other women, we live in constant fear of men. I can't name one woman in my life who hasn’t been sexually assaulted, abused, or harassed by men. From a young age, we’re taught how to protect ourselves from men, but why aren’t we teaching men from a young age how to control themselves and respect women?"

Lastly, Emma told BuzzFeed, "I really hope that my videos can change the perspectives of people, and hopefully stir up some change. And that’s it!"

Can I get an A. FUCKING. MEN???? I want to personally thank Emma for speaking up and calling out something that 100% should not be happening on TikTok or anywhere else. Let's all try and continue to do the same.