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    17 Times Women Dealt With Some SERIOUS Toxic Masculinity From Men

    "Men practice so much restraint. I could be a monster to women if I chose to."

    Warning: This post mentions stalking, sexual assault, and violence against women.

    1. When this guy lost his cool over a woman not wanting to accept flowers from a complete stranger — aka the "kindest of men":

    2. Then this guy who "never stalked a day in his life" but still basically threatened to stalk a woman:

    3. When this guy absolutely came unraveled at his date asking if they could reschedule:

    a woman asking if they can reschedule their date since she has homework and the man accusing her of ghosting him
    The man trying to text her again after his tantrum and eventually calling her a "waste of time" when she doesn't reply

    4. When this guy — nay, absolute monster — posted this:

    5. When this guy didn't get nudes and threw an essay-long tantrum:

    6. When this guy really had the nerve to call sending an unsolicited dick pic "respect":

    A guy sending a woman a dick pick and then exploding at her when she isn't into it
    The guy continuing to go off and finishing with "real men don't care for whores like you"

    7. When this guy came out of the woodwork to show how "nice" he really was:

    8. When this guy repeatedly showed up at a woman's work to harass her into texting him back:

    9. When this guy did one better and found her address so he could harass her at her own home for not texting him back:

    10. When this guy went from gross to gross and racist in 0.5 seconds:

    11. When this "levelheaded" guy completely outed himself as trash in his profile:

    12. When this guy sent a novel in response to not getting a set day/time for a date:

    13. When this guy creepily complimented a woman decades younger than him at her work, and was mad she didn't "thank him" properly:

    14. When this guy berated a woman for having the audacity to tweet the word "bf":

    15. When this guy immediately crossed the line upon learning he wasn't someone's "type":

    16. When this guy threatened to leak his ex's nudes and worse when she wouldn't answer the phone:

    The ex threatening to leak the nudes
    the woman not backing down and mentioning that she sells nudes so she doesn't care
    the ex threatening to kill her and saying he hopes she gets raped

    17. And finally, when this guy reeeally had the gall to claim that it's soooo much harder for men on dating apps:

    h/t: r/niceguys

    If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE, which routes the caller to their nearest sexual assault service provider. You can also search for your local center here