15 Men From The Past Week Who Proved They STILL Have No Idea How Women's Bodies Function

    For the record, hysterectomies are not reversible.

    Maybe one day men will educate themselves about the female body, but that day certainly wasn't in the past week. Here are some of the most egregious examples of men being absolutely clueless, courtesy of r/badwomensanatomy and r/NotHowGirlsWork:

    1. This man who said "most people don't expect" women to have body hair:

    Three comments in a social media thread discussing gender-specific body hair norms, with mixed opinions and reactions

    2. This man who has it in his head that men "age better" than women:

    Text summarizing sexist stereotypes, suggesting males age better than females, with emojis

    3. This man who left THIS comment on a video about sex toys:

    A screenshot of a social media comment discussing potential damage from prolonged cervical pressure

    4. This man who thinks women get periods to compensate for the "advantages" we definitely do not get in society:

    Text post questioning if society should compensate women for disadvantages of menstruation/pain, sharing personal views and seeking others' opinions

    5. This man who identifies as a "clitorial denier":

    The image shows a social media post with a controversial comparison between "Clitorial deniers" and holocaust deniers

    6. This man who thinks that mothers kissing their babies helps stimulate breast milk (???):

    The image shows a screenshot of various text comments from a social media post discussing the benefits of mother's milk for babies

    7. This man who thinks the clitoris is "an invention of modern feminism":

    Text stating the clitoris is a modern invention by feminism for social engineering, labeled as a lie

    8. This man who thinks only 0.1% of women get aroused:

    Image summarizes an online conversation about women's sexual health, with multiple users engaging in the debate

    9. This man who I don't even have words for:

    Screenshot of a Reddit post asking if transgender individuals think they can get pregnant, expressing doubt about fertility procedures

    10. This man who thinks pads and tampons are one and the same:

    Text message explaining an unrolled tampon, and how women typically use them

    11. This man who thinks hysterectomies are reversible:

    Tweet discussing women's rights to vasectomy and hysterectomy with respective success reversal rates

    12. This man who's still — in 2024 — using the disgusting "hot dog down a hallway" analogy:

    Image of a social media post with blurred text and reactions, focusing on a specific comment that reads as overly enthusiastic and humorous

    13. This man who thinks IUD's are inserted into your butt:

    Summary of a screenshot with a comment about personal experiences and misunderstandings regarding IUDs and relationships

    14. This man who posted THIS in a community Facebook group:

    Text on gradient background: Humorous statement about a new haircut's impact on lactating women, suggesting it's impressive

    15. And finally, this man who thinks it's "unnatural to bleed every month":

    Screenshot of a social media comment questioning why women don't use the pill to stop monthly periods, discussing historical fertility trends

    What's the wildest thing you've heard a man say about the female body? Share it in the comments.