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16 Halloween Decorations That Are Almost Too Smart

Spooky AND clever? We love to see it.

In case you haven't seen, people are going pretty hard with their Halloween decorations this year. Here are even more that are nothing short of high art:

1. This scene straight out of James Cameron's masterpiece:

2. This setup that belongs in the MoMA:

I am losing my MIND over these Halloween decorations I just walked past oh my god

3. This decor that basically says, "You'll float too":

Y’all getting real creative for Halloween. I want no parts 😭😭

4. This skeleton partaking in one of the scariest 2020 activities of all:

Some neighbors near my parents set up a diff skeleton scene everyday in celebration of Halloween. This is my favorite so far! Resonates deeply...

5. This tree that just might grab you if you get too close:

The yard with the twelve foot tall skeleton is dead to me. The neighbors who made animatronic tree arms are the new champions. I fucking love Halloween.

6. This Beetlejuice-inspired candy shoot that makes me feel like I've died and gone straight to the afterlife:

7. These gory decorations that were so gruesome they apparently got the law involved:

Now THAT is how you do Halloween right. This guy got the cops called on him several times in Dallas. Photos: Steven Novak.

8. This pumpkin that really captures how we've been feeling lately:

9. This pumpkin that is ALL OF US:

10. And this pumpkin that hits a little too close to home:

11. This house...or should I say, Haunted Mansion:

12. This Halloween scene that's crisp, creepy, and classic:

13. These crewmates that definitely have an impostor among them:

14. This invitation to everyone's new favorite beach:

15. This scene that should have the decorator fined for emotional damages:


16. And finally, this cheeky cemetery so we can all pay our respects: