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19 Signs That Are So Funny, You'll Forget All Your Worries And Woes For A Fleeting Moment

This is your sign to take a breather and enjoy some of the funniest signs of the week.

Another week, another roundup of the best and most hilarious signs from r/funnysigns. Please enjoy and hopefully laugh:

1. "That's not quite how it works, bro..."

Words written in marker on a giant bedsheet say "my sister's pregnant, I'm gonna be a dad"

2. "I guess you can call anything anything."

An installed sign says "this is the back door, the front door is around the back"

3. "A sign for the idiots out there."

A sign hanging over a street in front of an overpass says "if you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge"

4. "Guard cat is on the job."

A sign outside a liquor store says "no dogs allowed" next to an open door; a cat sits in the doorway and stares at the person taking the picture

5. "Halloween special."

A wooden sign next to a large construction vehicle says "Halloween special: bodies buried $5, really deep $10"

6. "Nice one. :)"

The sign above a small shop says "Iron Maiden: professional ironing service"

7. "What was your address, again?"

A street sign says "Ffordd Ffriddoedd Ffriddoedd Road"

8. "Worth the money!" ;)

A sign next to checkout at a store says "for an additional $4.95, we will provide you with a receipt that matches what you told your spouse you paid"

9. "That about covers it."

A bathroom door has the typical male and female graphics, as well as ones indicating non-binary, aliens, people with two heads, unicorns, dolphins, chickens, and pigs"

10. "Saw this the other day."

A sign outside a movie theater says "before we work on artificial intelligence, why don't we do something about natural stupidity?"

11. "Keep your distance just in case!"

A long trailer being pulled by a truck has a sign on the back that says "honk if shit is falling off"

12. "Remember boys..."

A sign outside a church says "you can't enter heaven unless Jesus enters you"

13. "Works for me. ☕️"

A sign at a coffee shop says "coffee spelled backward is eeffoc. Just know I don't give eeffoc until I've had my coffee"

14. "Okay, who put that thrash can there?"

A sign on the wall features a graphic representing a baby changing station, but someone moved a trash can so it looks like the graphic is throwing the baby away"

15. "The escalator is refusing to escalate."

A sign next to an escalator says "this escalator is refusing to escalate. This has been escalated to the engineer who is on their way up (or down) to check it out"

16. "No swimming."

A sign installed on a pole in the ground says "no swimming," but it is surrounded by grass with no water in sight

17. "Yes, I made it."

Large numbers and letters on the wall say this is the 3th floor instead of the 3rd floor

18. "Sorry managers(!)"

The sign says "to err is human, to blame it on someone else shows management potential"

19. "Used for what?"

A plate full of hot dogs sits on the sidewalk, and a sign next to it advertises "free gently used hot dogs"