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    19 Signs That Are Honestly So Funny, I Forgot My Own Name For A Few Seconds

    Sometimes all you need in life is a dumb-but-hilarious sign, I swear.

    September is drawing to a close, and fall is officially here. So let's celebrate by enjoying some of the funniest signs of the week courtesy of r/funnysigns. Laughter not guaranteed, but highly encouraged.

    1. "Oh, yeah!!!"

    A dog with a sign on its collar

    2. "So many questions."

    "closed for private event"

    3. "It's officially..."

    "It's officially wear a sweater in the morning and regret it in the afternoon weather"

    4. "There it is, the 'I' in team."

    "Hidden in the 'A' hole."

    5. "Amen."

    "Kindly bend forward and pick up your dog's poop"

    6. "Also true with cake and pie."

    "If u don't cut the pizza & eat the whole thing technically u only had 1 piece"

    7. "Words to streak by."

    "The naked man fears no pickpocket!"

    8. "I almost feel like a hybrid."

    "I almost feel like a hybrid"

    9. "They actually needed to put up a sign??"

    "Cat milk does not come from cats"

    10. "I’ll bet they do."

    "We sell used body parts"

    11. "I'm sorry, WHAT?"

    "School Free Drug Zone"

    12. "The dogs have spoken."

    "Stop putting doorbells in commercials"

    13. "America, baby."

    A free sign over some logs

    14. "For the Karens."

    "Prices subject to change according to customer's attitude!"

    15. "Please yell, 'Not a squirrel.'"

    A notice on the library return box

    16. "Found this."

    "Cat petting chart"

    17. "What happened last night?"

    "Bathrooms are permanently closed!"

    18. "My friend sent me this."

    "HMU at ______ if you see anything that is sus or cringe like IDK a toilet that got REKT or something."

    19. "Didn’t know juices and sodas can be horrifying."

    "Horrifying Goods"

    Let me know if any of these made you laugh in the comments.