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    I Tried 7 Different Face Sunscreens To Find The Very Best One, And My Favorite (Surprisingly) Wasn't Supergoop

    From sunscreen that cost $10.99 all the way to $65, I'm here to give you an honest review.

    Hi! I'm Shelby, and I've become pretty obsessed with wearing face sunscreen.

    Me holding 7 different bottles of face sunscreen

    Why, you ask? Well, for one, I'm super pale with very sensitive skin that burns after even just an hour of direct sunlight. Plus, once I entered my 20s, I realized that sunscreen plays a huge role in preventing premature aging, which I'd like to avoid as much as possible.

    On my journey to find the perfect face sunscreen, I've tried a total of seven different products from six different brands, each with a different formula and at a different price point. Here's how they ranked from worst to best:

    Note: Since I'm a (very) fair-skinned person, I can only speak to how these sunscreens might work for those with paler skin tones. I also have oily skin, so your own experience might vary if you have a darker skin tone and/or a drier complexion.

    7. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($34)

    As for the application, I loved how the formula went on so smooth and sheer. There was absolutely zero white cast (and since it's less of a lotion and more of a gel, I think that could also be the case for those with darker skin tones)! On the flip side, it took a while to absorb whenever I used it, and it would just kind of sit there on my skin. It made me feel really oily and sometimes would even cause breakouts! After trying for a long time to make this one work, I eventually decided not to repurchase.

    Me swiping the unseen sunscreen onto my cheek, with an arrow pointed to the sheen that says "shine!!!"

    6. Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35 ($65)

    The 3oz bottle of Tatcha sunscreen in my hand

    Immediately, I noticed that the formula went on pretty thick, not "invisibly" like it it says in the description on Tatcha's website. I had to rub it in pretty well, or it ended up leaving a white cast on my skin.

    the sunscreen on my face before subbing it in, leaving a noticeable white cast, and the sunscreen on my face after rubbing it in, with less of a white cast but still somewhat present

    Also, if I happened to go outside or do any kind of physical activity, it would immediately start to sweat off. I could feel it sliding off under my mask on multiple occasions while I was out running errands. I also wished the SPF was higher than 35, considering the price. All in all, I was pretty disappointed with this one.

    Me wearing my face mask as the sunscreen sweats off, giving a thumbs down

    5. Supergoop Glow Stick SPF 50 ($25)

    The 1.23 oz glow stick sunscreen stick in my hand

    Although the Glow Stick was convenient and just as sheer as the Unseen Sunscreen, it was also like the Unseen Sunscreen on steroids. Not only did it make me look and feel SUPER oily and shiny, but the formula felt a lot heavier, so it took even longer to absorb into my skin. I basically felt like a greaseball. The stick itself also didn't seem to last very long since I was applying it on my face every day.

    Me with the glow stick sunscreen all over my face with an arrow pointing to a shiny spot on my cheek that says "again, shine!!!"

    With that said, the stick format made it great for applying to my chest, shoulders, arms, neck, and other parts of my body while I was out and about. I'd be willing to re-buy just for that!

    Me applying the Glow Stick sunscreen to my neck and shoulders

    4. Sun Bum Face 50 ($12.99)

    The 3 oz bottle of sun bum sunscreen in my hand

    When I first applied this sunscreen, I was pleasantly surprised! It went on smoothly and easily, and there was no white cast after gently rubbing it in. It didn't feel heavy or make me feel oily, and instead felt light and moisturizing on my skin.

    Me posing with the sunscreen bottle after applying the sunscreen to my face. There's no white cast and my face doesn't look shiny

    HOWEVER, my one (and some might say pretty big) complaint was that the formula was a little runny, so when I wasn't careful, it would run into my mouth. And the taste was...pretty awful. I tried to hack this by putting lip balm on my lips before I applied the sunscreen, but even then I still had its chemical-y taste lingering in my mouth all day. This was a bit of a deal breaker, but I still think I preferred it over Supergoop and Tatcha's sunscreens.

    Me looking at the bottle of sun bum sunscreen distastefully

    3. Habit N°41 Mister SPF 41 ($30)

    The 0.9 fluid ounce bottle of habit spray sunscreen in my hand

    The instructions said to spritz your face at least seven times, so that's what I did every time I applied. The fine mist felt very ~luxurious~ and was super convenient, but I couldn't help but wonder just how much protection it was really giving me compared to rub-on sunscreens. I did feel it on my skin, though, and it gave me a slightly dewy shine that was subtle enough for me not to hate.

    Something I wasn't too enthused about was that after using it roughly five times, a good amount of the product had already been depleted. It's currently not available in any bigger sizes, so I didn't think this was a good choice for my primary sunscreen (unless I wanted to keep spending $30 to replace it). But I did love it as an option to keep in my bag for touchups throughout the day — something I think everyone should have!

    A closeup of the Habit Mist bottle, with 25% of the liquid in the bottle already gone

    2. Australian Gold Plant Based SPF 50 Face Lotion ($10.99)

    The 3 oz bottle of Australian Gold face sunscreen in my hand

    And honestly? It was! I absolutely loved the smell when applying it to my face (not chemical-y, just fresh and clean), which was a great perk. It was thicker than Sun Bum's formula, so I still had to rub it in pretty vigorously to avoid a white cast, but because it was thicker, it didn't run into my mouth and accost my taste buds the way Sun Bum did.

    Me rubbing the Australian Gold sunscreen into my cheek, with a noticeable white cast

    It absorbed into my skin decently fast, and it felt really nice and balanced (not too oily, not too matte/drying). It also didn't pill at all when I applied other products on top of it. I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked this sunscreen! I'd definitely take this to the beach or use it every day before running errands or applying my makeup.

    Me post-sunscreen application with the caption "ready to face the day's rays"

    1. Paula's Choice Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 ($33)

    The 2 oz bottle of Paula's Choice sunscreen in my hand

    This was the only tinted sunscreen I tried, and I was a little nervous about the tint being too dark for my skin. When I took it out of the bottle it, looked pretty light, but it was not a complete match.

    The sunscreen on my fingertips, with a slight tint that makes it look similar to foundation

    Y'all, I was NOT READY for how much I loved this sunscreen! It smelled great (almost like sweet coffee? IDK!), it went on so smooth and effortlessly, the tint was honestly more sheer than anything, there was zero shine, and it even kind of balanced out my skin tone and blurred my pores! I only wish it came in a bigger bottle for the price, but all of the pros completely outweighed that con. I plan on re-buying this bad boy the second it runs out!

    Me kissed the bottle of sunscreen after applying it to my face, with blurred pores and zero shine

    Have you tried any of these sunscreens? Which were your favorites? Share your experiences in the comments below so we can create an open SPF discourse!