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A Bride Who Expected Her Bridesmaids To Lose Weight, A Groom Who Offered To Pay A Photographer $80, And Even More Entitled Wedding Throwers I Just Can't Believe

My condolences to all of their guests.

1. This bride who not only didn't want anyone looking better than she did but also expected a gift of $75 or more:

2. This bride who took it up a notch and expected a gift minimum of $400 or more:

3. This bride who not only decided to have a wedding during the pandemic but also expected guests to donate up to $30,000 and cover the cost of the wedding:

4. This bride who expected her prospective DJ to put their health on the line and also play at her wedding for virtually nothing in exchange for "free exposure":

5. This bride and groom who graciously accepted help from friends and then immediately demanded they buy special clothing for the event:

6. This bride who tried to book a photographer last minute and not only expected a discount but also demanded that she learn the old photographer's "style" before the wedding:

7. This groom who was willing to pay a whole $80 to a wedding photographer for a full day's work:

8. This bride who literally demanded that the photographer PAY HER in order to work her wedding:

9. This bride who threw a hissy fit because not enough guests showed up with gifts:

10. This bride who expected all of her bridesmaids to be the exact same height (even if that meant one of them buying and walking in 7-inch heels):

11. This bride and groom who expected their guests to provide all of the alcohol:

12. This bride who thought it was reasonable to ask a designer to make her a dress for only $10 (shipping included):

13. This bride and groom who didn't even get permission to throw their wedding at a certain venue — they literally just showed up:

14. This bride who decided to ask people to pay upward of $1,000 to attend her wedding:

15. This bride who asked a baker to make a super-elaborate cake on short notice and then insulted them when they said no:

16. This groom who asked for a free car to drive on his wedding day, and then essentially shat on all of the options people gave him:

17. This bride who expected her bridesmaids to lose weight for the wedding if they weren't a size 8:

18. And finally, this bride who full-on canceled her wedding because people weren't willing to "donate" a month's worth of rent to her big day:

What entitled behavior have you seen from brides and grooms? Tell us in the comments!

H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars.