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If You Were Ever In A Cult, It's Time To Share Your Secrets And Stories About The Experience

We want to hear your perspective.

If you ever spent time as a member of a cult, we'd like to hear from you!


We want to hear your own personal account of what being in the cult was like. For example, maybe you were born into the cult and it was all you ever knew until you discovered other perspectives and decided to leave.


Or maybe you joined the cult because it was disguised as "self help," and once you were a member, they forced you to cut ties with all of your friends and family.


Or maybe the leader of your cult had convinced you and your fellow members that they were an actual prophet, and forced you all to do their bidding.

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Or who knows, maybe you're still in the cult and are trying to figure out the best time to get out.


Whatever your experience, we'd like to hear it! Tell us your secrets and stories from your time in a cult in the comments below. Submissions will remain anonymous upon request (or simply fill out this form instead). We'll feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.