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People Are Giving Their Cats Eggs To See If They'll "Protect" Them, And The Results Are Giving Me Heart Eyes

Humpty Dumpty would probs still be alive if he had a cat!

So here's the thing: I'm a proud Cat Person™, and like many of my fellow cat people, I sometimes struggle to convince others that despite all the propaganda, cats are actually, in fact, nice.

Welp, I now have proof! Cat owners on TikTok have started giving their kitties eggs to see if they'll "protect" them, and the results are adorable. The trend was presumably started by TikTok user @annafromtiktok, since it was the earliest TikTok I can find and has the original audio. It also seems to have originated from the Golden Retriever Egg Challenge.


Cat curling the egg in between his front legs and licking it.

And so is this sweet kitter:


Cat curling it's entire body around the egg without breaking it.

This cat was worried the egg might get cold:


Cat covering the egg with a nearby blanket.

Meanwhile, this one gave their egg sweet sweet kisses and WOULD NOT let their owner take it back:


This kitty gently gave it the ol' one paw:


Of course, there are certainly exceptions to the rule:


But overall, these cats are really out here protecting these eggs with their lives:

I mean!!! ❤️

Cat gently holding the egg with its paws and sniffing it.

So yeah, a lil' message for all the haters out there: cats are nice, and they love eggs. Deal with it!!!