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    28 Entitled People Who Honestly Don't Deserve To Eat At Restaurants

    It's called human decency.

    1. This person who probably chuckled a bit as they wrote this trash:

    2. This person who really had the audacity:

    3. These geniuses who probably thought they invented comedy by adding a 1-cent tip:

    4. This person who could've at least taken the coins out of the bag:

    5. This person who could've just left:

    6. This person who probably thought they were doing "the Lord's work" but was actually being a total dick:

    7. Seriously, don't be like these people:

    8. This person who really should learn to read the goddamn room:

    9. This person who got their server's hopes up for absolutely nothing:

    10. These people who threw a hissy fit about a restaurant's policy and decided to take it out on their server:

    11. This person who thinks starting a physical altercation is worth not tipping your server:

    12. This person who may need a refresher on how to be a decent human being:

    13. These people who were only willing to tip if their server broke the law for them:

    14. This person who left this snarky message:

    15. This person who REALLY overestimated their own value:

    16. This person who doesn't think servers should protect themselves during a global pandemic:

    17. This person who I honestly have no words for:

    18. This person who literally should have just stayed home:

    19. This person who revoked their delivery driver's tip because they...tried to help them out:

    20. This person whose "nice" message wasn't as caring as they thought it was:

    21. This person who really thought they did something:

    22. This person who 1,000% percent knew this tip wouldn't work, but did it anyway:

    23. These people who were not only condescending but also asked their server to do the impossible, considering the circumstances:

    24. This person who needs to get a hobby: