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    16 Neighbors That'll Make You Wanna Move Out To The Middle Of Nowhere, Miles Away From Any Other Human Beings

    No lie, you couldn't pay me to living next to some of these people. Especially #5.

    Neighbors can be amazing (it's important to foster community!) but they can also be a living nightmare. Let's all take a look at the latter, courtesy of r/mildlyinfuriating:

    1. This neighbor who was grasping at all the straws trying to catch the people above them being loud:

    neighbor accused of being loud is actually studying with a roommate that's asleep

    2. This neighbor who shamelessly stole some delivery takeout that wasn't theirs:

    note left to the neighbor with a photo of the delivery they got

    3. This neighbor who actually took the time to make these signs about the person living next to them:

    signs pointing to the neighbor's yard reading, if my house seels for less than it's worth i will sue you, take that to the bank

    4. This neighbor who clearly built their pergola wayyy too big, and now it's hanging over their next door neighbor's yard space:

    the frame of the pergola going into the other yard

    5. This nosy neighbor who said, "I noticed your privacy fence, so I'm gonna build an even taller fence and install a camera so I can watch you anyway":

    camera on top of the fence

    6. This neighbor who really tried to claim that someone having fake plants on their own porch is illegal:

    a letter left to the neighbor about fake plants

    7. This neighbor who parked their giant truck in someone else's driveway just for kicks:

    large truck in the driveway

    8. This neighbor who parks like this when his wife isn't home, and then moves it when she's back so they can both park in one of the few shady spots in their apartment complex:

    small car taking up two parking spots

    9. This neighbor who thinks they own the public street in front of their apartment building:

    note left detailing that's they'll get them towed next time

    10. This neighbor who straight up stole something that wasn't theirs, used it, and then tried to sell the leftovers back to the person who actually ordered it:

    11. This neighbor who sent this passive-aggressive note that would make me wanna never mow my lawn ever again just to spite them:

    congratulations, you mowed! that's twice so far this year, i believe. can you keep it up, maybe weekly

    12. This neighbor who didn't like someone's (perfectly fine) park job, so they pettily blocked their car in:

    truck blocking in a car that is within the parking spot lines

    13. This neighbor who has some pretty ridiculous expectations:

    i would really appreciate it if you could pee without making a sound

    14. This neighbor who let their peacocks climb and poop on whatever they pleased:

    two peacocks on top of a jeep

    15. This neighbor who felt it was appropriate to let their dog pee all over someone else's Halloween decorations:

    16. And this absolutely evil neighbor who throws syringes into someone else's balcony in the hopes of getting them evicted:

    hand holding up the two syringes