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Financial Advice Is Pretty Outdated These Days, So Let's All Share The Annoying Money "Tips" You're Sick And Tired Of Hearing

Times have changed. Stop telling me to only put 30% of my income toward rent.

Unless you've been living under a rock (or you're just SUPER rich), you've probably noticed that pretty much everything in life (rent, groceries, clothing, you name it) has gotten A LOT more expensive.

In fact, inflation in the US is currently at roughly 8%, and people are feeling the strain pretty much everywhere. So, it makes sense to try and seek out some financial advice. The problem is that most financial advice out there — whether it be from friends, family, or financial professionals — tends to be super condescending, outdated, and dripping with privilege.

If you feel the same way I feel, I'd love to hear the financial advice you're super sick of hearing and what kind of tips you'd like to learn instead.

For example, maybe you're SUPER over the whole 30/50/20 rule that's been touted for years, because with rent so high these days, it's pretty much impossible to devote just 30% of your income toward rent.

Or perhaps you're sick of hearing everyone tell you to "invest" when you barely have any money left over after covering your living expenses, groceries, bills, and student loans.

Or maybe you'll practically lose it if one more family member tries to lecture you about the importance of home ownership and real estate, when you know damn well home prices in the US have risen 13% and you're too busy trying to get by to even think of saving tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment.

If you're sick of hearing the same money advice and tips over and over, it's time to commiserate. Share the outdated and annoying money advice you're sick of hearing and WHY it no longer applies in the comments. If you'd rather remain anonymous, you can fill out this Google Form instead. We may feature your responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.