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    19 Animals Who Just Don't Sit Right With Me, Sorry

    The animal kingdom's gettin' wild.

    1. This dog morphed with a man:

    2. This wolf who seems to have another wolf attached to his paw:

    3. These cats who may or may not be in the same photo:

    4. This crow...I mean, cat? Cat-crow???:

    5. This cat who's doubling as this person's panties:

    6. This stylish capybara:

    7. This two-headed kitty:

    8. This two dog bodies, one dog head combo:

    9. This ginormous puppy:

    10. This headless horse:

    11. Dog man's wife, dog woman:

    12. This dementor cat:

    13. This dog who inexplicably grew a human head:

    14. This cat who lost its arm:

    15. And this cat who did one better and lost its HEAD:

    16. This killer grasshopper:

    17. This dog on the lookout:

    18. This Godzilla cat:

    19. And finally, this cat birthing another cat from its butt:

    h/t: r/confusingperspective