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    After Her Cat Passed Away From Leukemia, A Woman Uploaded A Video Of Him "Talking" To Her, And It's So Heartwarming

    "Hello? Hello? Hi!!!"

    It's public knowledge that cats are wonderful. This is just A Fact™. And Ashley Sullivan, a 24-year-old dental assistant from Rochester, New York, gave cat lovers everywhere something to swoon over when she uploaded this TikTok of her cat, Crazy, "talking" to her. Listen for yourself:

    First, we hear Crazy looking for Ashley and saying, "Hellooo? Hello?"

    Then, when he finds her, he excitedly says, clear as day, "HI!!!"

    Ashley told BuzzFeed that she posted the video of Crazy, who passed away last year at age 17 from leukemia, because she "missed him and wanted it somewhere on the internet." She also said that although she'd heard him say "hello" many times, she hadn't heard him say "hi!" until she recorded the video.

    MY HEART!!!

    Ashley also said that she's happy to see her talkative feline getting so much positive attention. "All this love for him makes my heart wanna burst. I'm so happy the world is seeing him like I did."

    I don't know about you, but my heart just grew 12 sizes and I am weeping. We love you Crazy!!! And we're so happy you got to be your adorable, chatty self for 17 great years. ❤️