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    32 Foods You Ate In Childhood That You Definitely Forgot About

    You taste that? It's called nostalgia.

    1. Those crackers with that cheese and that iconic red stick that made an appearance at every school field trip.

    cheech-a-roni / Via

    2. Or the ones where the crackers BECAME the stick!!!

    nastyn8g / Via

    3. Gum that liked to pretend it was tape.

    CosmicMcRad / Via

    4. And gum that liked to pretend it was Band-Aids.

    boltsbearsjosh / Via

    5. Brownies that were (and still are) out of this world.

    Moonofmylife1 / Via

    6. The Danimals yogurt smoothie that was basically just sugar in a cup.

    Dammitdaniel / Via

    7. YoCrunch, featuring actual candy you could put in your yogurt.

    iansee / Via

    They really weren't fooling anyone with that "hey, I'm healthy" logo font.

    8. Go-Gurt, aka yogurt on the go, aka spoons are for suckers.

    KuhjaYT / Via

    *'90s commercial voice* "Squeeze it, slurp it, grab it, glurp it!!"

    9. The gloriously double-neon Trix yogurt.

    EMF911 / Via

    Seriously if you were a kid and didn't have a kickass yogurt packed in your lunch box, what were you even doing?

    10. Dunkaroos, essentially cake in snack form.

    SoIomon / Via

    *Sheds single tear.*

    11. Fun Dip featuring a stick and sugary powder that you dipped.

    sev1nk / Via

    And, admit it, occasionally snorted.

    12. This ice cream you were legally obligated to eat with a wooden spoon/stick thing.

    FreeRangeAlien / Via

    13. Kid Cuisine, a true childhood delicacy.

    Cali-Nik / Via

    Did anyone else beg their parents to buy this for them and then only eat the pudding?

    14. Lunchables that made you the coolest kid in the cafeteria.

    Nostalgic-Diversity / Via

    15. And the coveted Cola that came with certain, ~special~ Lunchables.

    8bitcarsonn / Via

    16. Pops you had to push.

    Economy Candy / Via

    17. Candy rings you definitely pretended to propose to your friends with.

    narii625 / Via

    18. This entire school lunch.

    AxlCobainVedder / Via

    Why was the pizza square? Guess we'll never know.

    19. TANG.

    DumplingBoiii / Via

    And boy was it tangy.

    20. The Wonder Ball, aka a low-key choking hazard.

    TheRoniconda / Via

    The disappointment you felt because you never seemed to ever get the candy you wanted was REAL and HEARTBREAKING.

    21. Oatmeal that hatched dinosaur eggs.

    tiffjv / Via

    22. Baby Bottle Pops, which certainly were not safe for babies.

    General_PoopyPants / Via

    23. The stars of every soccer game, Capri Sun...

    JMei001 / Via

    24. ...and good ol' Hi-C.

    MrBonchaise / Via

    25. A full foot of fake fruit.

    wreckingworm / Via

    26. Gushers gummies that really did gush and ooze in your mouth.

    thunderbird_44 / Via

    27. Push-Ups you'd grab at the gas station on every family road trip.

    Unique_Name3 / Via

    28. Cereal that was also waffles.

    TheBlackoutEmpire / Via

    29. These candies that were 60 seconds of pure hell.

    LOOMintheciruit / Via

    If you managed to keep these things in your mouth until they lost their flavor, you have no taste buds now.

    30. These little bites of heaven you'd have after school at the "fun" house.

    trollmad3 / Via

    31. These prehistoric chicken nuggets.

    Andy Shaw / Via

    32. And these twist-offs that had you chillin' out maxin' out relaxin' all cool drinking some Kool-Aid right by the pool.

    KarlBlau / Via

    All your childhood memories rushing back like:

    General Foods / Via

    H/t: r/nostalgia.