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Not willing to live under President Trump? You don’t have to.

You don’t need to resort to a sham marriage to move to Canada. Here are your options, from someone who's actually left.

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You can move to Canada

You don’t need to resort to a sham marriage to move to Canada. Their skilled worker program, Express Entry, is a real option for many Americans.

Are you under 35? Do you have a degree? Do you have a year or more of professional experience? Then you meet the requirements to apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

Canada has a points-based system for immigration. If you have enough points to convince the Canadian government that you could succeed in Canada, you don’t even need a job offer.

Do you have ‘manager’ in your title? Do you have $12k in savings? Then you’re basically good to go.

The process is simple, but you’ll have to take an English exam (really) and gather a bunch of documents. The whole system is online, in a system that’s designed to be user friendly for the average person. There’s no need to hire an attorney.

The whole Express Entry process typically takes 6 months or less. You become a permanent resident the day you land, which gives you basically the same rights as a Canadian citizen. You can apply for citizenship in 4 years -- and keep your US citizenship so you can vote from abroad.

There’s still hope if you don’t qualify for Express Entry.

You can move to Canada by getting a NAFTA job, going back to school, or getting a working holiday visa. Those are all temporary, but they can set you on the path to citizenship.

Not ready for Canada?

There are plenty of other options.

Fight for your rights from the safety of a liberal country.

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