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Why My 25th Birthday Kicked Your Birthday's Ass

Me and My Inner Circle, All We Do Is Ball

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1. Because Parshva and Shilpi Had Me Like

2. Shilpi Was Like

3. Your Birthday Didn't Have Neal Parikh Embarassing People With The Past

4. Your Birthday Didn't Have Alex Andreyev Re-Enacting His Favorite Coach

5. Nipa Didn't Leave You This Precious Gem To Wake Up To

6. Millie and Rahul Didn't Power Nap Through Your Party Bus And Wake Up Like Champs...well Millie At Least

7. Your Birthday Didn't have Nakita AKA DJ Baby Bok Choy

8. Your Birthday Didn't Have Neema Posing For Selfies With Julius Caesar

9. My Birthday Had Seany O Almost Killing People With His Dance Moves

10. I Got Better Presents Than You

11. Me and Sean D were Inches From THE CAFE.

12. My Birthday Had King Photo Bomber (Can You Find Him?)

13. My Birthday Had The Queen of Heads Up (Ask Her How To Belly Flop)

14. My Birthday Had...Hiran

15. No..No..No..You Don't Understand. My Birthday Had Hiran.

16. We Even Had Nacho Libre From San Francisco

17. You Didn't Pop Allie In The Head With The Cork

18. You Didn't Have Sheena at 3 Card Poker Like...

19. You Didn't Get This Amazing Bday Card From Chandni

20. Sadaf Pulled the Irish Exit on the King of Irish Exits

21. Lilo Crushed The Fireball

22. And Then All Night She Was Like..

23. And Finally, Because My Inner Circle, Kicks Your Inner Circle's Ass.

24. Seriously.

25. Thank You

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