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Filipinos Invented A Lamp That Runs In Salt And Water.

Three Filipinos invented an amazing lamp where it can have 8 hours of light just by using a glass of water and two tablespoon of salt. It also run in sea water, than means people live near in the ocean can use the lamp immediately. This lamp is called Salt Light, there's no need to worry about if there is an accident because this has no flammable components that could start a fire. Making it a safer alternative to a kerosene-fed lamp that were being used by a lot of Filipino that don't have electricity. This lamp is environment friendly because it does not emit harmful gases. If you have low on battery phone, this invention has an emergency USB port where you can charge your mobile phone through it's port. The inventors of this Lamp are siblings Aisa Mijeno, a computer engineer and her brother Raplh Mijeno and the other is Oscar Bryan Magtibay. They invented this lamp to help the less fortunate people who don't have electricity in their household.

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