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    Sad Love Stories And Their Power

    I couldn't help bursting into laughter when I saw a friend of mine with a napkin in her hand and crying she wrote, 'PS I love you'. He felt ashamed to see me and tricked me into taking him into the room like that.


    I teased her for crying like this and she protested that the story was really touching. This is why I wondered why people read sad love stories if it makes them sad and brings tears to their eyes. I was never a fan of sad love stories but was determined to find the joy of it.

    This was when I started reading books and articles on sad love stories. Something had a really sad ending that made my heart tremble. Gradually I came to know the secret of the joy of sad love stories and I started to realize that a happy ending is not what makes the love story special. Rather, it is tragic stories that have the power to touch the heart to a deeper level than stories that do not have a happy ending. It can excite your emotions and make you realize what love is and how special it is. For those of us who have not lost their loved ones, it helps us to find out what great gift we are blessed with and how precious it is and for those who have lost love, this entire collection of sad love stories Adds another unique story. It may be true that tragic love stories are painful but they have a particular way of defining the power of love from a completely different dimension. This makes the unfortunate people feel that they are not alone and that many other people also suffer from similar pain that eventually makes them stronger.

    While it is true that we always hope for a happy ending, we should also try to figure out what the other way around will be. Love is a mixture of both sweet and sad memories. So why look at only one side of the coin when there is so much on the other side of the coin? Read more interesting Shayari and poems. Click here