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    The Definitive Ranking Of Glee Characters

    Sue is a legend.

    Almost everyone in Glee is insufferable, so here goes.

    I would just like to add, I'm not including new characters from Season 6 because I refuse to acknowledge its existence.

    22. Mr. Schue

    Do I even have to explain this? Mr. Schue is annoying, selfish, sexist, racist, and lazy. He's also EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC.

    21. Emma Pillsbury

    This may be controversial, but I found Emma super annoying! She was terrible to Carl, who was supportive, kind, and smart. He was an amazing guy who helped her with her OCD but instead she went back to Will, who made out with Shelby just because Emma was uncomfortable with intimacy. She didn't deserve him.

    20. Jake Puckerman

    Jake was a good singer and dancer, but he cheated on Marley and was a total douche to her! He tried to pressure her into sleeping with him, and he wasn't nearly as supportive as Ryder was.

    19. Ryder Lynn

    Ryder was really sweet to most people and I thought he was better for Marley than Jake was. He was supportive of her and actually called out Kitty. However, his transphobia towards Unique was awful. (I'm trying to focus on the character rather than the actor, otherwise he'd be after Jake)

    18. Kitty Wilde

    Kitty gave Marley an eating disorder and she was so mean to everyone! She got away with so much and was never called out for it. She had great character development in Season 6, but she was so bad in Seasons 4 and 5 that it was hard to get past that.

    17. Artie Abrams

    17. Artie Abrams

    Artie was kind of trash... He was rude and made sexist and racist remarks especially towards Tina but to all the other girls as well, and he only got away from a lot of it because he was in a wheelchair.

    16. Tina Cohen-Chang

    Tina deserved better in Glee, but she was so annoying! I couldn't stand her, especially in Seasons 4 and 5. She was entitled just because she was one of the original members. I felt bad for her a lot, but she doesn't deserve a higher ranking than this.

    15. Noah Puckerman

    Puck may have been a douche, but he was a good dad and he was really kind to Rachel and Quinn, especially when Quinn was pregnant. However he also dated Shelby (when she was an adult and he was underage) and Kitty (when she was underage), which was very...

    14. Coach Beiste

    Coach Beiste was awesome! He was super funny, even though a lot of his analogies didn't make a lot of sense...However his transition felt a little forced, especially since I thought the storyline about him feeling like a tomboy didn't really make a lot of sense.

    13. Unique

    Unique's voice was definitely one of the best on the show. She was funny, sassy, and smart. She didn't get a lot of character development, but she was entertaining.

    12. Marley Rose

    Marley gets a lot of hate, but she is so sweet! She had a great voice and she was a great friend to Unique. She was little boring and she was only in two seasons, which is why she isn't higher up.

    11. Kurt Hummel

    I know a lot of people love Kurt, but he was kind of annoying! His voice wasn't that great and he was pretty entitled. He was great LGBTQ+ representation and super funny, but he wasn't that good of a character.

    10. Finn Hudson

    Finn was kind of dumb, but he was such a sweetheart. He was a great leader and he was also very supportive of his friends. The only reason he isn't higher up is because he outed Santana, which was pretty awful.

    9. Quinn Fabray

    Quinn was severely underrated and arguably had the best character development of anyone on the show. I HATED her in most of Seasons 1 and 2, but she went from a shallow bully who only cared about guys and popularity to a strong woman who didn't let men define her. I would have put her up higher, but she wasn't really in the later seasons. (completely Ryan Murphy's fault)

    8. Mercedes Jones

    I loved Mercedes! She was funny, kind, and so talented. She was severely underrated and deserved more solos at competitions! She was the token stereotypical curvy, sassy black girl, otherwise she'd be a little higher on this list. I still love her!

    7. Rachel Berry

    Love her or hate her, you can't deny the show wouldn't have been half as good without her. She was annoying, but her voice was incredible. She also had a ton of character development!

    6. Sam Evans

    Sam was initially just a dumb blonde, but he got a lot of character development over the series. He and Blaine absolutely carried the Lima part of the show in Seasons 4 and 5. He was actually a great boyfriend to all the girls he dated, and he was really caring.

    5. Blaine Anderson

    I love Blaine (and Darren Criss). He was super sweet and sensitive and he had one of the best voices on the show. I wish it was showcased more in competitions. But every solo he did was FIRE. His and Sam's bromance was also awesome.

    4. Santana Lopez

    Santana was a QUEEN. She was a pretty awful person, but she was absolutely hilarious. Brittana was one of the best couples on the show (after Sam and Mercedes and Sue and Sue), and they were great queer representation. I wish she hadn't moved away with Brittany because I would have loved to see her sing more (Valerie was absolutely iconic).

    3. Brittany Pierce

    Brittany was absolutely hilarious. She was such an entertaining character, being a great singer and one of the best dancers. She was so fun to watch.

    2. Mike Chang

    Mike Chang was unquestionably the most morally good characters. He was sweet and funny and very talented, but he didn't need the spotlight on him all the time (ahem, Rachel). Mike was an amazing dancer and a pretty good singer even though the show made jokes about him not being able to sing. Mike was our unproblematic king, and we have no choice but to stan. And, as Tina rightfully mentioned, HIS ABS.

    1. Sue Sylvester

    I mean, was this even a question? Sue was by far the funniest, wittiest, most entertaining character. Her one liners made the show and carried season 6. She rightfully called Will out on all his bullshit, and she provided a voice of reason in the insane show. Besides, Sue and Sue are absolute couple goals.

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