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    18 Treats For Anyone With A Major Sweet Tooth

    Warning: Sugar Cravings Ahead!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Tiramisu flavoured popcorn is the ideal accompaniment to a movie marathon - ₹203

    Gluten free, non-GMO corn, no MSG, and cholesterol-free.

    Size 125 gm.

    Buy it here.

    2. Buy these chocolate-coated roasted almonds - ₹ 210 , hazelnuts - ₹210 and peanuts - ₹175 as a gift for a loved one.,,

    Size 96 gm each.

    Buy the chocolate-coated roasted almonds here.

    Buy the chocolate-coated hazelnuts here.

    Buy the chocolate-coated peanuts here.

    3. A box of classic Ferrero Rocher chocolates (16 pieces) is irresistible at every age - ₹489

    Buy it here.

    4. Indulge in a warm cup of gourmet hot chocolate this winter in caramel, mocha, Swiss vanilla, and Mexican spiced flavours - ₹400

    Size 400 gm.

    Buy it here.

    5. Go the usual route with some rich Nutella chocolate spread - ₹349 or switch it up with this Hershey cocoa almond spread -₹208 for your morning toast!,

    Buy Nutella chocolate spread here.

    Buy Hershey cocoa almond spread here.

    6. A pack of marshmallows is perfect for a sugar rush and a touch of childhood nostalgia - ₹169

    Size 100 gm.

    Buy it here.

    7. Get baking with these simple to use Betty Crocker cake mixes in chocolate fudge - ₹295 and french vanilla - ₹232 flavours.,

    Just add eggs, oil, and water.

    Size 475 gm.

    Buy the chocolate fudge cake mix here.

    Size 520 gm.

    Buy the french vanilla cake mix here.

    8. These vanilla wafer biscuits (pack of 2) are the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy - ₹160

    Buy it here.

    9. Lemon-flavoured Tang is the most refreshing drink after a long day - ₹130

    Buy it here.

    You can get the classic orange flavour here.

    10. Get this almond-choco chip and strawberry white chocolate bar to truly indulge yourself on #CheatDay - ₹399

    Size 100 gm.

    Buy it here.

    11. Buy some popping candy (pack of 10) if you're still a child at heart - ₹179

    Strawberry and Cola flavour.

    But it here.

    12. Become a breakfast person with this pancake mix - ₹359 or waffle mix - ₹180 and get your sweet cravings out of the way early in the day!,

    Buy the pancake mix here.

    Buy the waffle mix here.

    13. Treat yourself to luxurious assorted truffles (pack of 5) in exotic flavours like mango, mint, hazelnut, and butterscotch - ₹500

    Buy it here.

    14. Decorate your cakes and ice cream sundaes with these chocolate and rainbow sprinkles (pack of 2) for a fun confetti effect - ₹260

    Buy it here.

    15. Buy this cinnamon and apple jelly that is handmade in Himachal Pradesh - ₹199,,

    Available in various other flavours (prices vary).

    Buy it here.

    16. These wafer sticks (pack of 2) with a rich filling are a snack favourite - ₹360

    Buy it here.

    17. These Cadbury silk pralines (16 pieces) are a luxury best saved for special occasions - ₹530

    Buy it here.

    18. And buy this organic forest honey that is sourced from the Himalayas and has a rich woody aroma - ₹299

    Cinnamon/Clove/Tulsi/Ginger infused options available.

    Buy it here.

    Ready for that sugar high?