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    20 Steps To Hosting The Ultimate Christmas Party

    In this season of giving, be the host with the most!

    Decor :

    1. Start by hanging up a cheesy Christmas banner - ₹199 that'll serve as the perfect background for all the photos! You can also opt for this balloon banner - ₹ 250 instead.

    2. You're never too old for balloons at party! Pick between red and white balloons (pack of 50) - ₹229 , silver and gold balloons (pack of 50) - ₹205, or some snowflake balloons (pack of 25) - ₹215

    3. A Christmas tree is the festive addition the lonely corner in the room needs - ₹499

    4. Brighten up the space by adding some star lights (10 metres) - ₹399 to your tree or go for the classic battery operated fairy lights (5 metres) - ₹249 hung all over the room.

    5. Be an extra host and decorate your tree with baubles in red - ₹349, gold - ₹349, and silver - ₹299

    6. A photo booth is a must at any party, so pick these DIY laser cut party props - ₹219 and dress-up and slogan prop set - ₹169 to get the funniest photos!

    7. Buy this battery operated light-up clip banner (set of 20) so you can display any Polaroids from the party - ₹499

    Hosting :

    8. Welcome your guests with Santa caps (set of 12) to put them in the festive mood right from the get go - ₹297

    9. Set the table with this red plaid tablecloth - ₹499 and some reindeer-themed place mats (set of 6) - ₹899

    10. Buy a cheese board in a wooden - ₹449 or marble - ₹799 design to make it a classy affair.

    11. Opt for this blue and gold chevron print set (pack of 30) - ₹499 or this eco-friendly set (pack of 25) - ₹499 of plates so you don't have to worry about doing the dishes the next day!

    12. Get some recipe inspiration and party hacks from celebrity chef Shilarna Vaze in her recently released book Party Like A Star to impress your guests with a selection of nibbles - ₹560

    13. For easy access, display the drinks in this foldable wine rack for your guests - ₹649

    14. You can spread some Christmas cheer with these knitted bottle covers for the celebratory champagne when you toast - ₹496

    15. Create some signature cocktails for the party with some help from Cheers: 365 Cocktails and Mocktails so your guests feel extra special - ₹475

    Entertainment :

    16. Invest in the boAt portable speaker so you can play Christmas carols and hit songs all night long - ₹1,299

    17. Keep some party games at hand so your guests don't run out of things to do! Pick from table top bowling - ₹298, Druncard drinking game - ₹ 399, and shot glass roulette - ₹875

    18. Buy this handheld wireless microphone to host a Christmas-themed karaoke night for your nearest and dearest - ₹799

    19. Hand out party favours in these paper bags (set of 10) - ₹199 or jute pouches (set of 10) - ₹249 when your guests are ready to leave.

    20. Finally, write personalised messages in cute Christmas cards (set of 12) and pop them in with the party favours - ₹481