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    18 Products That'll 100% Help You Crush The Adulting Game

    Level up one step at a time and you'll be #winning

    1. Buy reusable tote bags (set of 6) for your grocery trips so you can avoid using plastic bags while shopping - ₹399. They are foldable making it easy to carry in your purse at all times.

    Honestly, if you're still using plastics bags...

    2. There's nothing more disappointing than stale chips or soft cookies, seal your packs with these bag clips to keep your snacks fresh at all times - ₹69

    3. Invest in an office stationery set to keep in your desk drawer so you never have to go begging for a stapler when you're putting together documents for your boss - ₹275

    4. Optimize your refrigerator space by adding these fridge organizers (set of 4) for storing fresh fruits and vegetables instead of leaving them loose on the shelves to roll around to the back - ₹269

    5. Buy all the basic medicines you need and keep them stocked in one place in this first aid box so you're ready for any medical emergencies - ₹189.

    6. Own too many clothes and always fall short of hanger space? Fret not, buy these best-selling layer hangers (set of 5) and stack up to 5 pieces of clothing while using the space for just one in your wardrobe - ₹329

    7. Get this laundry basket that comes with a lid so you can keep all your dirty clothes out of sight till it's time to wash them - ₹679. It's also foldable so you can store it easily when not in use.

    8. These leaf-shaped soap dishes are as useful as they are cute. The double-layer design is perfect for draining excess water and keeps the soap from getting too mushy - ₹299

    9. Keep your bathroom floors clean and dry with this anti-slip bath mat set that is available in multiple colours - ₹449

    10. This compact juicer bottle will be especially useful in the coming summer months when you'll be craving smoothies and juices every day - ₹639. It's rechargeable making it perfect for your daily commute and any long-distance travel you have planned for the summer!

    11. Impress your Mom with perfect round rotis using this reusable non-stick mat that'll also save you from cleaning up a huge mess as it can be easily washed - ₹390

    12. Keep a rotating spice rack on your kitchen counter for easy access while cooking your favourite dishes - ₹579. It'll also help you keep track of which spices have run out and need to be added to your grocery list!

    13. Also, buy this nifty vegetable chopper to reduce your time in the kitchen drastically - ₹269. Just a simple pull and your veggies will be neatly diced, ready to cook!

    14. Meal prep for the entire week with this best-selling airtight container set (6 pieces) that you can store in your refrigerator - ₹659. You can also use the smaller containers to carry lunch or snacks to work through the week.

    15. This small cleaning brush is great for getting rid of dust and grime from small pesky places like keyboards and window frames - ₹185. True adulthood is when cleaning supplies get you excited!

    16. Fix a key holder to a wall in your living room so you can finally stop losing your keys - ₹399. You can also use it as a charging station for your smartphone!

    17. A Swiss Army style knife is a multi-purpose tool every adult must own - ₹299 You can use it to open jars, uncork wine bottles, hang paintings etc. It's also a handy tool while you're travelling!

    18. Invest in a set of packing cubes (4 pieces) so you can make your travel adventures super efficient and pack your bag neatly - ₹975. It has 4000+ positive reviews on Amazon!

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