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    15 Products That Will Dramatically Reduce The Time You Spend Doing Chores

    Don't waste away your whole day cleaning the house!

    1. Make bartan duty super efficient by keeping this useful dish rack on hand to dry the vessels as you wash them - ₹399. It includes a removable tray at the bottom to drain excess water as well as a smaller draining space for cutlery so it doesn't get lost at the bottom of the basket.

    2. This sink storage rack is ideal for keeping the soap and sponge clean and on hand at all times - ₹275. This way you'll never lose your sponge in a pile of dirty dishes.

    3. Switch out your old kitchen sponges for this silicone scrubber that is washable and can be used for much longer - ₹229. Since it's made of silicone, it won't get as dirty while cleaning your vessels and can be washed and sanitized after every use to maintain maximum hygiene.

    4. If you're sick of unclogging the sink every single day start using this star silicone sink strainer (set of 4) that'll catch leftover food in the kitchen sink or all that hair in the bathroom - ₹285. The suction bottom makes it easy to attach to the sink and it's 100% washable/reusable.

    5. Your weekly refrigerator clean up will be much simpler if you start lining the shelves with these multipurpose mats (set of 6) that you can simply slip off and wipe every time it gets dirty - ₹179

    6. A bottle of Colin - ₹80 and a rubber wiper - ₹139 are all you need to keep every glass surface in your home squeaky clean! You can also use it to give your kitchen platform a thorough wipe down after you make a mess on it while attempting to cook the latest cool recipe from Instagram 😋

    7. This microfiber cleaning brush has a super-flexible head that'll help you reach all the tricky spots in your home that collect an unusual amount of dust like the top of the cupboards and fans - ₹465. No need to risk falling off a precarious footstool!

    8. Make cleaning the floors way easier with this spray mop that has a microfiber mop head that can be washed and reused every day - ₹1,599. It'll allow 360-degree cleaning reaching every corner and under the sofas and tables with minimum strain to your back.

    9. If like me you are baffled by the amount of dust that collects on random surfaces in your home like on your laptop/bathroom fittings/bookshelves/window sills, get this mini cleaning brush that is way more effective than a cloth wipe - ₹185

    10. Use this nifty vegetable chopper to reduce your time in the kitchen drastically - ₹279. Just a simple pull and your veggies will be neatly diced and ready to cook. It has 45,000+ positive reviews on Amazon!

    11. Alternately you could invest in this vegetable chopping set that includes slicers, cutters and graters for your every need so you can try all the latest recipes with absolute ease - ₹449. It also has 11,000+ positive ratings so rest assured it works!

    12. Keep a Tide To Go stick on hand always to immediately deal with any stains so you don't have to spend too much time scrubbing your clothes in the wash - ₹240

    13. The unpredictable rain showers mean that you can't risk hanging your clothes outside to dry, get this drying rack that is large enough to hold the entire family's clothes efficiently - ₹3,107. It also has space for hangers so you can maximize the use of your space.

    14. Get all your ironing done quickly and efficiently on this ironing board that has a rack attached to keep the freshly folded clothes as well as hanger space - ₹1,999. The even surface makes it much easier to ensure there are zero creases and lines!

    15. Finally, buy this folding board so you can stop stressing about the large pile of clothes and efficiently and expertly fold them like they do in stores to impress your Mom - ₹999