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    14 Things You Need If You Got Ghosted Right Before Valentine's Day

    Kaun hai yeh? Jisne dubaara mudke mujhe nahi dekha?

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    1. These blackout curtains (2 pieces) will make sure you don't have to deal with any more annoying distractions when you're just trying to get your beauty sleep - ₹799

    2. Get this super cozy reversible blanket - ₹1,199 and nifty long pillow - ₹499 and I guarantee you won't miss those late night cuddles!

    3. No time for sulking! Buy this whimsical moon lamp so you always have something to look at that reminds you that the world is beautiful and you shouldn't let one bad egg ruin it for you - ₹950

    4. This 1000 piece puzzle - ₹683 of the Alps will keep you occupied so you can't dwell on someone who isn't worth an iota of your time. If you're looking for something less time-consuming, solve these metallic brain puzzles - ₹210 that'll give you immediate gratification!

    5. Switch off your phone and quit stalking them! Use all your free time to paint a self-portrait to remind yourself that you're a gorgeous badass and no one is allowed to make you feel any less! Get a canvas (pack of 4) - ₹299 and acrylic paints (12 shades) - ₹258 to get started.

    6. This DIY dream catcher kit will get your creative juices flowing and will make sure you only have sweet dreams every night - ₹580

    7. Play some soulful Prateek Kuhad to make you believe in love again. Or belt out Beyonce's killer tunes and have a solo dance party! Get either the boAt Stone Portable Bluetooth Speakers - ₹1,299 or the JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - ₹1,499 that are both highly rated on Amazon.

    8. Curl up in bed and binge read Gone Girl - ₹254 and You - ₹279 so you can invest in a love life that's way more disastrous than yours and makes being ghosted feel like a walk in the park.

    9. Indulge in some sinful chocolate fudge cake that'll mend your broken heart in minutes - ₹295. Chocolate never disappoints!

    10. Every time you feel frustrated and angry that they left you hanging without so much as a goodbye, grab this gel stress ball and squeeze it - ₹259. Honestly, no one's worth the forehead wrinkles!

    11. And if you just really need an outlet for your anger get this dart board and imagine their face is the bulls-eye - ₹501. Bonus : You'll learn a new skill to show off at your local quirky bar!

    Call up your friends and host an impromptu pamper session!!

    12. Go for a spa vibe complete with refreshing facemasks (pack of 5) - ₹435 and manicures with these super pretty nail paints (12 shades) - ₹315 so you have a relaxing evening

    13. Or book a group yoga class to sweat out the toxins and get rid of all their bad energy! Buy this portable yoga mat (₹449 - ₹459) and comfortable yoga socks (₹245) so you can stretch care-free.

    14. Finally, treat yourself to a big box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and savour the taste of the rich chocolate covered hazelnuts all by yourself - ₹705. You don't need no man to spoil you this Valentine's Day!