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    15 Perfumes And Scented Things Under ₹99 To Uplift You And Your Space This Spring


    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. If you're looking for a new perfume, Yardley has several popular compact perfumes for women and men, each priced at ₹70 and offering 250 sprays each!

    Men's Perfumes:

    Gentleman Urbane - ₹70: Top note of bergamot and lavender, middle note of thyme and tarragon and base note of sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

    Duke - ₹70: Top note of mandarin and bergamot, middle note of freesia, cedar and pineapple and base note of musk and tonka beans.

    Royale - ₹70: Top note of lime and ozonic accord, middle note of nutmeg and pepper and base note of dark chocolate and wood.

    Women's Perfumes:

    Country Breeze - ₹70: Top note of bergamot and green apple, middle note of freesia and rose, base note of amber and musk.

    Morning Dew - ₹70: Top note of mandarin and freesia, middle note of rose and apple blossom, base note of musk and sandalwood.

    Autumn Blossom - ₹70: Top note of apple and bergamot, middle note of rose and apple blossom, base note of amber and sandalwood.

    2. Miniso body sprays - ₹90 are available in five universally appealing fragrances. We recommend Sea Mist, which is marked for unisex use.

    Fragrances include: Sea Mist, Mystic Blue, Night Shade, Sunshine Orange and Rose Cloud.

    Get them here.

    3. CIC House of Aroma has some great fragrance oils - ₹98 each, including Lavender, Ocean, Citrus, Opium, Lily of the Valley and more!

    Popular fragrances include: Lavender, Ocean, Opium, Lily of the Valley, Jasmin Joy, Violet, Meditation, Mint, Passion Fruit, Citrus Forest and Ylang.

    Note that fragrance oils are different from essential oils in that they may not be completely natural, but are still safe to use.

    More fragrance oils here.

    4. This ceramic aroma burner - ₹95. Place your favourite essential oil on the top and light and candle below to gently diffuse fragrance in your space.

    5. Home Centre has some beautiful scented votive candles in reusable glass jars. Fragrances include Lotus and Peony, Jasmine, Lemongrass and Blueberry.

    6. If you prefer small tealight candles, Miniso has some wonderful floral-scented options. Get these flower tealight candles - ₹90 for 6 from their Elegant series or these heart candles - ₹90 for 6 from the Inkjet series.

    7. This antique tealight lantern - ₹90 in a vibrant yellow colour and decent size is a statement piece that'll scatter beautiful candlelight all over your ceilings and walls.

    8. You may also like IRIS Aroma candles - ₹80 in unique fragrances like Sea Shore, Green Tea and Bamboo or Pina Colada.

    9. Engage On pocket perfumes - ₹60 each has a range of 6 perfumes for men and women that'll literally fit into your pocket and offer 250 sprays per bottle.


    Sweet Blossom - Citrus, rose and musk.

    Floral Fresh - Pink pepper and rose.

    Cool aqua - Citrus, lavender and wood.


    Classic Woody - Aquatic and woody notes.

    Citrus Fresh - Grapefruit, amber and musk.

    Cool Marine - Patchouli and woody notes.

    10. Miniso Mystic Mini Body Spray - ₹99 is a light, alcohol-free, pocket-sized body spray that'll leave you smelling wonderful. Available in 3 fragrances - Cedar, Amber and Cabernet.

    Get the Miniso sprays here for ₹99 each: Cedar, Amber and Cabernet.

    11. Home Centre Potpourri - ₹99 is a mixture of dried plant material that emits a gentle fragrance. Place it in an open container to look decorative and impart a relaxing scent to your space.

    12. Arochem perfume roll-ons - ₹75 are alcohol-free and made of pure perfume.

    13. Godrej Aer pockets - ₹40 have the strongest scent ever that lasts for weeks. They're ideal for small spaces, kitchens and bathrooms to keep them from smelling stuffy.

    14. IRIS incense sticks are handcrafted in classic scents like jasmine, rose, lemongrass, sandal - ₹40 for a pack of 20 sticks.

    Get them here: jasmine, rose, lemongrass, sandal.

    15. If you like to make your own perfumes and room sprays, you'll love this refillable atomiser bottle - ₹60