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    53 Products To Make Every Single Room Look Oh So Organised

    "A pile for everything and everything in its pile!"

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. Sort clutter and move your things from room to room in an organised way with the IKEA RASKOG Cart - ₹2,800. You can also keep it by your dining table to declutter all the random condiments, cutlery and stray snacks.

    This portable utility cart is great for storing kitchen utensils and food items. The dimensions are: Length: 13.75 inches, Width: 17.75 inches, Height: 30.75 inches. Available in four colours.

    Price: ₹2,800

    2. Take stock of all the clothes you're not going to wear for the foreseeable future— seasonal, pieces that don't fit— and vacuum seal them to save massive closet space. These vacuum storage bags- ₹769 compress your clothes, hygienically protect them from mould and mildew and can save up to 80% of your closet space.

    Get it here.

    3. This metal wall grid - ₹899, available in four colours, is a fun addition to your space, to save notes and show off postcards and other artefacts.

    4. This flexible and foldable cupboard organiser - ₹499 with multiple small slots is ideal for smaller garments and accessories.

    5. This modern and oh-so-convenient rotating spice rack - ₹529 with 3000+ reviews to store your 10 million masalas.

    6. The IKEA VESKEN Shelf Unit can fit in compact spaces, like under your sink, and will help you organise all those bottles in one place - ₹599

    It measures 14.2 x 9 x 15.75 inches and is made of recycled plastic.

    Price: ₹599

    7. This durable jewellery organiser - ₹279 with storage on both sides, 32 clear slots, and several hooks to carefully store your trinkets.

    8. This sturdy yet lightweight shelf with 10,000+ reviews will look glorious in any room, and the best part is it can be wheeled around - ₹2,169

    9. Get this 360-degrees rotating makeup organiser to decoratively display all your beloved products, and keep them easy to access. You can use this for stationery products too - ₹719

    Amazon's Choice product. Made of plastic. LxWxH: 23x23x30cm.

    Get it here.

    10. The handy IKEA MULIG Drying Rack in case you have space and want to dry clothes indoors - ₹3,299

    Price: ₹3,299. You may also like this IKEA TORKIS Peg Basket (with 30 Clothes Pegs) will help you keep all your clothes pegs in one place.

    11. The IKEA JALL laundry bag with stand - ₹619 makes it easy to collect your used clothes in one place, transport them to the laundry area, and return them to your closet. You can hang it on a hook too.

    Laundry bag

    Holds 70 litre volume and up to 8kg. Get it here.

    You may also like this useful IKEA TORKIS Peg Basket (with 30 Clothes Pegs) - ₹499.

    12. If your cables are always lying in a tangle, demanding to be unravelled and ruining the vibe of your desk, you need this cable management box to help streamline them, and make your space an oasis of calm again - ₹749

    Before of cluttered cables and After pic of tucked away cables.

    Get it here.

    13. If you're looking for a way to organise all your electronics accessories, get the House of Quirk electronics accessories organiser - ₹499 with ample space and compartments to neatly organise your tablet, power bank and endless chargers and adaptors.

    14. A cool ladder shelf to show off your latest reads and showpieces.

    15. A stylish open clothes rack to organise and display your latest haul.

    16. These simple, affordable and functional hanging shelves will organise your wardrobe in a snap - ₹449.

    17. The IKEA KLIPSK Foldable Bed Tray - ₹920 lets you secure your tablet or book in the groove and it even has a hole for a cable so you can charge devices conveniently while snacking. Foldable legs make for easy, space-saving storage.

    The tray surface measures 22 x 14.25 inches and the standing height is10.25 inches. This tray's maximum load is 5 kg.

    IKEA KLIPSK Foldable Bed Tray - ₹920

    18. Swap out your single-rail tower rack for this more spacious stainless steel towel rack, which lets you use more things while not taking up much space - ₹999

    Rack with towels and 3 hooks holding item like pedicure brush.

    Price: ₹999

    19. These IKEA DRAGAN bamboo boxes are an elegant storage solution, and stackable too - ₹1,799

    20. IKEA designed these SKUBB Storage Boxes to "bring order to your chaos." They can be used in draws or outside, and can be used in various rooms, including the bathroom – for towels, clothes, and other accessories - ₹1,800 for 6

    21. If the towels and clothes tossed around your room are making it look messy, get the IKEA over-door hanger - ₹676 to hang them up neatly.

    Hanger with robe, portable iron board hanging from it.

    This hanger hangs over the top edge of the door (without scratching it) so you can hang stray clothes and towels.

    Door thickness: 4 cm (1 ½ ") Width: 35 cm (13 ¾ ") Height: 13 cm (5 ").

    Price: ₹676

    22. Some awesome ottomans to double and triple up as seats, footrests, storage and more!

    Sterling foldable ottoman (₹620)

    Sterling foldable ottoman storage box and stool (₹549)

    23. Use these Amazon storage cubes - ₹1,129 (6 pack) to organise your cabinets and stow things away neatly, or at least hide the mess better. You can even use them as under-bed storage.

    Get it here.

    24. This lightweight, stackable and flexible IKEA Clear Storage Case - ₹344 is ideal for storing off-season items, electronics, odds and ends, which will help you declutter your space.

    Price: ₹344

    25. These stackable organisers - ₹899 (Set of 2) with nifty compartments will keep your produce fresh longer. You can use them dry or in the fridge, too.

    BPA-free plastic. 5 Liter Capacity. Each contains 3 smaller, removable containers.

    Fridge organisers - ₹899 (Set of 2)

    26. These cute and durable sari bags- ₹479 (Set of 4) have 2,500+ reviews and are available in several styles and packs of two to six.

    27. The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

    This bestselling book (now a popular Netflix show) by Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo is about picturing your ideal, uniquely personal lifestyle and then discarding everything that doesn't suit it. Although it's primarily about decluttering, keeping only that which "sparks joy" in your space using the KonMari method tends to have dramatic consequences for the rest of your life too. Taking control of their space has helped Marie Kondo's clients become more themselves in other ways like getting fit, ending toxic relationships, launching their own businesses, and more.

    Price: ₹966

    28. This plastic IKEA Microwave Splatter Cover - ₹298 is to be placed over food while warming it. It comes with several small holes to release steam, while also preventing food from splattering while microwaving.

    It fits most microwave ovens, including smaller models. It has a 10-inch diameter and a 4-inch height.

    Price: ₹298

    29. If you keep wasting snacks because they've lost crispiness or gone stale, get these sealing clips (pack of 18) - ₹72 that'll keep them hygienically sealed and staying fresh for longer.

    Get it here.

    30. This magnetic knife holder - ₹225 that will organise and display your knife collection beautifully.

    31. If you own too many plastic bags that you keep storing in other plastic bags, you need this popular IKEA VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser (Set of 2) - ₹490 to organise your bag collection and pull them out when needed.

    If you own too many plastic bags that you keep storing in other plastic bags, you need this popular product to organise your bag collection and pull them out when needed.

    Price: ₹490

    32. These transparent Cello containers- ₹599 (Set of 18) with 8000+ reviews will help you keep track of what you have and what you need to stock up on, to avoid unnecessary purchases.

    Get it here.

    33. These resealable IKEA zip lock bags (Pack of 50) - ₹439 (made of renewable materials) to store snacks, leftovers, and even certain liquids.

    50 bags total in two sizes:

    25 yellow bags 2.5L (24x26.5 cm).

    25 white bags 1.2L (20.5x20.5 cm).

    Price: ₹439

    34. Keep your produce fresh and protected from dust and insects with this fruit and vegetable saver - ₹295.

    Colours available.

    Get it here.

    35. These eco-friendly, reusable bamboo kitchen towels - ₹248 (20 sheets) are machine washable and reusable up to 100 times before discarding.

    Get it here.

    36. Don't wait until you get mould in the monsoon season — get this Absorbia moisture absorber - ₹169 ASAP. It removes excess moisture, fungus, mould and more that lingers in cupboards and spaces, and protects your belongings.

    Get it here.

    37. These fridge mats - ₹159 (Set of 6) will protect your fridge from scratches, spots, spills and stains. You can use it for shelves and draws too!

    38. These expandable fridge storage baskets - ₹199 will help you maximise storage space and are especially perfect for fresh produce.

    39. This sturdy Nilkamal twin bin - ₹830 with a giant 40-litre capacity, wet and dry sections, and a foot pedal for relatively contactless disposal.

    40. These recyclable and biodegradable garbage bags - ₹349 (pack of 45) that are better for the environment. They're sturdy, spacious, leak-proof and available in black and green colours.

    41. These hipster vinyl stickers will makeover your jars and your entire kitchen aesthetic.

    Black and white colours available. 7x4cm per sticker.

    ₹99 for 108 pieces.

    42. This set of 17 IKEA PRUTA food containers - ₹692 is a great set of basic food containers to store meal prep and leftovers and reheat later, preventing food waste.

    Being transparent, it makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Can be stacked to save space in the fridge and freezer.

    Includes: 4 containers (9x9x4cm, 150ml), 3 containers (12x8x4cm, 150ml), 2 containers (12x12x4cm, 300ml), 2 containers (12x12x14cm, 1l), 2 containers (14x14x6cm, 600ml), 2 containers (14x14x16cm, 1,6l) and 2 containers (23x16x8cm, 1,8l). Not spill-proof and may leak if you try to travel with liquid contents.

    Get it here.

    43. This multi-purpose washbasin caddy - ₹132 to store your cleaning scrubs, soaps and more in a neatly organised way.

    44. These easy-to-install and water-resistant wall-mounted hangers - ₹429 (Pack of 2) to keep your mops and brooms looking tidy and taking up as little space as possible.

    45. This drain catcher - ₹219 that will prevent left-over food particles from clogging the sink.

    46. This blue polyester IKEA PLASTIS Dish Drying Mat - ₹334 creates more drying space for your dishes. It can also be placed under a dish drainer to soak up water that drips down from the drainer. It's easy to store by folding or hanging on a hook using the loop.

    It measures 17.25x14.25 inches.

    Price: ₹334

    47. The IKEA SMÄCKER Cutlery Tray (Set of 2) - ₹234 is ideal for storing your cutlery, silverware, or flatware. It can also be inserted into draws for better organisation.

    These two grey polypropylene trays measure 10x12 inches with a 2-inch height.

    Price: ₹234

    48. The IKEA FLUNDRA Dish Drainer - ₹438 has a large capacity – it can hold up to 9 glasses on the outside as well as large plates with a diameter of up to 32 cm. It is breathable, functional, and compact enough to fit in a tiny space.

    It measures 18x14.25 inches with a 4.75-inch height.

    Price: ₹438

    49. IKEA Kitchen Towels (10 Pack) - ₹354 are perfect for wiping washed dishes. The hooks in assorted colours mean you can colour-code your cloths and also hang them.

    These cotton cleaning cloths measure 12x12 inches.

    Price: ₹354

    50. This IKEA VARIERA Pot Lid Organiser - ₹866 keeps your lids well-organised. The length can be adjusted from 8.5cm to 50cm.

    Width: 14.5cm. Height: 10cm.

    Price: ₹866

    51. These multipurpose shelf liners - ₹399 to protect drawers and shelves against scratching. It's easy to cut to the desired size and can be used in damp and cold areas as well.

    Get it here.

    52. The IKEA TORKAD Kitchen Roll Holder - ₹479 that can stand vertically on any counter, or be affixed horizontally, and has a support bar that makes it easier to tear off the paper.


    Price: ₹479

    53. Finally, turn food waste into compost with these composting bins - ₹1,699 (set of 2)

    Doubles the speed of composting, with complete retention of all nutrients. Add all food waste including meat, cheese, dairy, egg and bread. No turning or water required.

    Contains: 2 buckets with handles, 2 lids, 2 taps, 2 filters, 2 Ezymix powder packs, 2 coco peat bricks.

    Get it here.