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    33 Organisation Solutions Under ₹99 Every Hot Mess Desperately Needs

    You'll wonder how you functioned without them!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These multipurpose shelves - ₹69 can be used for storage and organisation and to create more space in cupboards and fridges.

    2. This electronic accessories carry case - ₹90 that's tiny but can hold more than one thing, so your daily-use charger, earphones and adaptor stay undamaged and tangle-free.

    3. Use this desk organiser - ₹99 to store smaller items, so they're not scattered all over your desk.

    4. A phone holder - ₹99 with 1,000+ reviews that you can easily mount on the wall (adhesive strips are included) to charge your phone or tablet conveniently if your cable's too short or the table is too far.

    5. A foldable mobile and tablet stand - ₹52 so you can work and watch videos hands-free.

    6. These hipster vinyl stickers - ₹99 will makeover your jars and your entire kitchen aesthetic.

    Black and white colours available. 7x4cm per sticker.

    ₹99 for 108 pieces.

    7. If you keep opening snack packets like chips, saving some for later, and then wasting them because they've lost crispiness or gone stale, get these sealing clips (pack of 18) - ₹72.

    Get it here.

    8. This multi-purpose washbasin caddy - ₹99 to store your cleaning scrubs, soaps and more in a neatly organised way.

    9. A cool new notebook is something you'll use every day so you may as well pick something you'll feel happy to look at.

    10. This wooden spectacles holder - ₹89 in the shape of a nose and hipster moustache will add a touch of humour to your space.

    11. This extremely adorable, waterproof unicorn zipper pouch - ₹89 to keep all your precious stationery in one place.

    12. This bestselling Cello Highlighter Set - ₹99 has 1,700+ reviews. The five vibrant colours will make studying so much more fun...or at least less painful. They're non-toxic, water-based and washable.

    Colours include: Pink, Orange, Neon yellow, Purple and Red.

    Cello Highlighter Set - ₹99 for 5

    13. A classic black mesh pen stand - ₹69 or a handmade wooden pencil stand - ₹99 to hold your overflowing collection of writing instruments.

    14. These gorgeous adhesive glitter tapes - ₹95 (set of 10) to section off parts of your notebook in style!

    15. This useful black earphone case - ₹70 to keep your precious earphones protected and tangle-free. You may also like this cat/dog case or this unicorn/assorted print case, for a pop of cuteness!

    16. This mini blackboard or slate - ₹97 to jot down handwritten to-dos, quotes, doodles and more in an old-school way, which will feel so wholesome!

    17. Mount this set-top box stand with a remote holder - ₹99 onto the wall to hold your speakers, set-top box and many remotes, so they're well-organised in one place. The screws are included.

    18. This soap dispensing brush - ₹69 to pump out small quantities of detergent that'll make dishwashing so much easier.

    Brush with dispenser on top. Press button on dispenser to release soap.

    19. A drain catcher - ₹89 (set of 5) is ideal for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs and more to catch food particles, hair and other gross stuff and prevent them from clogging your drain.

    Star-shaped silicone drain catcher with small holes to release water but not small particles.

    20. This durable clear laptop case - ₹99 can fit a 15.6-inch laptop and some additional things. It's water-proof, dust-proof and scratch-proof and being transparent, lets you find things easily.

    21. This sturdy hard disk case - ₹99 to keep your hard disk (and, by extension, your precious data) well-protected. It's resistant to dust, shock, pressure and shattering.

    22. This set of flexible silicone cable protectors - ₹97 will protect all your expensive charging cables, earphones, etc. from wear and tear, and save you from the hassle of replacing them often.

    Spiral shape

    Get it here.

    23. This 10-inch, reversible neoprene laptop sleeve - ₹99 will keep your laptop or tablet protected and looks stylish too.

    24. What will you do without sticky notes - ₹75 (80 sheets) in assorted colours to write important to-dos, notes and motivational quotes to inspire yourself.

    25. These clear arrow sticky notes - ₹99 in five bright neon colours to draw attention to important pages or parts of your text.

    26. Wipes are inexpensive, versatile and useful. Keep these four types of wipes handy for cleansing, makeup corrections and more: facial tissues, flat cotton pads, cotton balls and Q-tips, all under ₹100 each!

    27. This nifty 4-port USB hub - ₹98 that'll let you charge multiple devices at once so you and your significant other aren't fighting over chargers.

    28. This brilliantly designed 3-in1 stylus, pen and mobile holder - ₹99 (Pack of 2) is lightweight, compact and so very useful for every professional.

    29. This basic stationery set - ₹99 has got you covered in the odds-and-ends department of pins, push pins, paper clips, binder clips and rubber bands...and they're colourful too!

    Includes: 28g pins, 30 push pins, 30 paper clips, 15 binder clips and 5g rubber bands

    Basic stationery set - ₹99

    30. This pocket-size, portable Casio calculator - ₹95 with a large, easy-to-read display and ergonomic, concave keyboard can perform most regular calculations (including percentages and square roots) quickly and accurately.

    31. These Command hooks - ₹79 (3 hooks, 4 strips) that'll let you hang things on your wall without damaging the surface. They're versatile, easy to install and hold up to 0.5 lbs per hook.

    32. Faber-Castell Tack-It - ₹66 (90 pieces) is a removable and reusable adhesive that you can use to stick and arrange items and decorate spaces. It's dermatologically tested and is a handy alternative to tape and nails.

    33. These wet-and-dry cleaning wipes - ₹99 (20 pack) that'll make your digital products lint, dust and dirt free; squeaky clean and crystal clear!