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    19 Game-Changing Grooming Products To Give You A Subtle Makeover

    These products will make your friends say "You look nice!" without being able to pinpoint why.

    1. Spot patches for pimples, for when your skin goes rogue.

    2. A (unisex) charcoal peel-off mask that will pull the grossest stuff out of your face.

    3. Facial razors for dermaplaning the tiniest hairs.

    4. Dry shampoo for busy days.

    5. Dyson Airwrap Styler

    6. A quick-drying top coat, because life is too short to sit around waiting for your nails to dry!

    7. A lint roller to make your clothes look fresh AF.

    8. Bra extenders to extend the size and life of your bras.

    9. A shampoo brush to deep clean and massage your scalp.

    10. A silicone makeup brush cleaner to easily and thoroughly clean your brushes.

    11. A trusty hair dryer to keep your hair on fleek.

    12. An eyelash curler that will make friends say "you look nice" without being able to pinpoint why.

    13. A jade roller to tighten your skin and reduce puffiness.

    14. A hair finishing stick to tame flyaways and baby hairs.

    15. Hair building fiber to conceal bald spots and define your hairline.

    16. A high-tech face cleanser and massager.

    17. Good floss to remove plaque and build-up in those hard-to-reach, in-between areas of your teeth.

    18. Manicure and pedicure tools to keep your hands and feet looking neat.

    19. And this beard and moustache grooming kit.