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    44 Industrial Home Decor Products For A Chic And Functional Space

    Tag an engineer, or that friend who values function, and a mix of modern and vintage style.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Industrial home decor is functional, minimalist, and celebrates the raw materials used. Metals, glass, concrete, wood, natural and distressed finishes, and exposed walls and beams are all mainstays of this style. Stick to neutral colours in a cool or warm palette of your choosing, and avoid patterns. If you love function and a mix of modern and vintage, you will love the industrial decor style.

    1. Leave windows bare, or use roller shades. Alternatively, select solid curtains in neutral colours like grey, black, white, or brown.

    2. Choose a long, low-profile sofa in a neutral colour, like this sofa-cum-bed. You can also go for a very simple and functional single mattress on the floor, like a divan. Use a neutral coloured cover and long, rectangular cushions or pillows.

    3. This very hipster brick decal is perfect if you want the beauty of an exposed brick wall without the hassle.

    4. Avoid rugs. If you want, get a flat (low pile) rectangular rug in a neutral colour. A jute carpet works well too.

    5. If the walls in your home are old, or the sinks have a patina, embrace this! If everything looks too new and shiny, make it look distressed with chalk paint.

    40 colours available! Get it here:

    Chalk paint- from ₹725

    Incorporate metal in your furniture wherever possible. Go for black or silver finishes, or copper for a bit more warmth. Gold and brass finishes look less raw and more modern, so use them carefully.

    6. The chic IKEA ADDE Chair is comfortable to sit on, lightweight, easy to carry and stack one on top of the other. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Available in four colours.

    7. Metal tables with wood surfaces make for beautiful and comfortable industrial dining tables.

    8. Get a metal-and-wood coffee table in any size and shape you like.

    9. Continue the metal-and wood theme for your end tables. Distressed finishes and "live" (unfinished looking) edges add character to your space.

    10. This sturdy yet lightweight shelf with 10,000+ reviews will look glorious in any room, and the best part is it can be wheeled around!

    11. This gorgeous industrial floating shelf will fit into any room in the house and will look especially lovely in the kitchen or a similar functional spot.

    12. This sleek, wall-mounted steampunk floating shelf is small but packs a punch.

    13. The versatile IKEA LINNMON Table can be used as a dining table, a desk, a kitchen island, and more!

    The product dimensions are as follows: Length: 59 inches, Width: 29.5 inches, Height: 29.2 inches. Material wise, the table top and bottom are made of fibreboard. The frame is particleboard, with ABS plastic. The filling material is honeycomb structure paper filling (minimum 70% recycled). The leg base material is steel with epoxy/polyester powder coating and plastic feet.

    Price: ₹7,899

    14. The IKEA MARIUS Stool is extremely affordable and a total space saver as it can be stacked one on top of the other.

    Price: ₹667

    15. Create extra seating with stackable options that take up less space, like these floor pillows.

    Get them here:

    Encasa Round Floor Cushions - ₹948. Colours available.

    16. Get a console with distressed wood and exposed metal.

    17. Metal shelves like the IKEA LERBERG Shelf Unit are a mainstay of industrial decor style. For a water-resistant shelving unit that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, go for the IKEA HYLLIS Shelving Unit. And for damp indoor areas like bathrooms, get the IKEA MULIG Shelving Unit

    IKEA LERBERG Shelf Unit, ₹3,179: This dark grey shelf unit is made of steel and epoxy/polyester powder coating. It measures 60 x 148 cm.

    IKEA HYLLIS Shelving Unit, ₹1,849: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this industrial-looking shelving unit is made of galvanized steel with plastic feet to protect the floor against scratching. The unit measures 23.7 x 10.7 x 55.2 inches. It can hold up to 25 kg per shelf. It needs to be fastened to the wall; the back panel has predrilled holes to make it easier.

    IKEA MULIG shelving unit - ₹3,999: This durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean shelving unit comes with hooks and is perfect for storing and hanging everything "from tools and sports equipment to towels and laundry bags." It can also be used in damp indoor areas like bathrooms. Its dimensions are: Width: 22.9 inches, Depth: 13.3 inches, Height: 63.7 inches.

    18. The sleek and minimalistic IKEA MICKE Desk comes with a single, spacious draw and an outlet to keep sockets and cables out of sight but close at hand. You can mount the legs to the right or left, according to your space or preference.

    Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far. The desk can be placed in the middle of a room too as the back is finished. It can take a maximum load of 25 kg. The dimensions are: Depth: 19.6 inches, Height: 29.5 inches, Width: 28.7 cm.

    Price: ₹6,764

    19. Get several self-sufficient indoor plants like cacti and succulents to add some life to this style.

    20. Don't skip out on a cool bar cart in metal-and-glass for a more contemporary look or in wood-and-iron for a rustic look.

    21. A metal wall grid is a fun addition to your industrial decor space, to save notes and show off postcards and other artefacts.

    22. Organize and display clothes with the functional and elegant IKEA MULIG clothes rack or the IKEA RIGGA clothes rack, which has an adjustable height and an open storage rack at the bottom.

    23. Some soft, knit throw blankets, pouffes and cushions will balance out all that metal and make things cosier. Once again, go for neutral colours or a consistent accent colour. Blues and greens are popular accent colours for a cool palette, and reds work well with a warm palette.

    24. This gorgeous railway clock will add some drama to your space.

    25. Or a beautiful, metal or steampunk wall clock.

    26. This wooden hand mannequin is soo trendy rn. You can move the fingers to hold things, flex a peace sign and more!

    27. Twisty wooden sculptures like this robot car add a playful element.

    28. Vintage Edison bulbs in your favourite shape are a must.

    29. A tripod studio lamp will look excellent with the industrial decor style!

    30. Patent art prints like these beautiful ones from Artisera are a popular style of artwork to pair with industrial decor. You can even put up your own engineering drawings if you like!

    Visit for more.

    31. How cool is this wooden chandelier in the shape of a gear!

    25x15x15 cm.

    Price: ₹7,999

    32. A rustic chandelier made of natural materials, like this rope and bamboo chandelier, will add character to your space.

    33. Choose an extremely low profile bed. One with a sleek wrought iron bed frame will look industrial.

    34. Go for plain bedding in a solid colour like ash grey.

    35. Invest in this little metal storage trunk, that's both practical and decorative!

    36. More is more when it comes to plants in this style. Fill your home with real plants. If you're looking for artificial plants, this oversized Monstera leaf from IKEA will add some dramatic flair.

    37. Throw in some fly miniature vehicle showpieces.

    38. This trendy yet retro Marshall Kilburn wired and wireless Bluetooth speaker with 20 hours of portable capabilities will look super cool in any home.

    39. These awesome JBL speakers available in several colours have 45,000+ reviews! It's compact, portable, provides amazing sound, wireless Bluetooth streaming, and is compatible with smartphones and tablets 🎶

    40. Use this versatile chalkboard decal to draw and write down meal plans, grocery lists, quotes, to-dos, and more!

    Made of vinyl. You can erase the chalk and then use to board to rewrite.

    Get it here:

    Chalkboard decal - ₹269

    41. Vintage or modern table or pedestal fans will look industrial and keep you cool in the summer too.

    42. Some simple, airtight mason jars will make your storebought items look like you grew them yourself and keep them lasting long.

    43. These hipster vinyl stickers will makeover your jars and your entire kitchen aesthetic.

    Black and white colours available. 7x4cm per sticker.

    ₹99 for 108 pieces.

    44. Finally, these vintage ribbed glass jars with handles will make your next drink look really pretty, as you chill out and enjoy your new industrial-style home!

    Price: ₹379