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    36 Furniture Items That Are Gorgeous, Practical, And On Sale

    “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." — Nate Berkus

    1. If you, like Carrie Bradshaw, like to see your money hanging in your closet, you'll love these fashion blogger favorites— the IKEA Mulig Clothes Rack (₹1,480) and the IKEA Rigga Clothes Rack (₹2,499), which has an adjustable height and a rack at the bottom.

    Ikea / Via

    2. This DecorNation Aurora Wooden Coffee Table (₹2,999) is the perfect spot for your latest reads, candles, succulents, snacks, and coffee! With a 30-inch circumference, it can also accommodate your laptop as a mini work station. Available in three colours — white, yellow, and orange.

    DecorNation / Via

    3. This mid-century modern PSYGN Pouffe (₹2,597) is child-friendly, with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning. It comes in myriad styles and colours, and will add a splash of luxury to any living space.

    4. This IKEA Micke Desk (₹6,198), is minimalistic yet has everything you need — a single, spacious draw, ample legroom, and a socket to keep those pesky cables out of view.

    IKEA / Via

    5. The Urban Ladder Makati Sofa Cum Bed (₹17,079) (2-seater) or the Adorn India Aspen Sofa Cum Bed (₹15,749) (3-seater) makes for a stylish sofa by day, and a comfortable bed by night. Particularly ideal for compact living spaces.

    Urban Ladder / Via, Adorn India / Via

    6. The Urban Ladder Austen Compact Desk (₹8,839) is for studying, writing, working... and plotting world domination TBH.

    Urban Ladder / Via

    7. You'll sleep soundly on this Urban Ladder Stanhope Bed with Pull Out Storage, knowing you're clutter-free and #blessed with so much extra storage space. Available in two sizes: King (₹38,159) and Queen (₹29,679).

    Urban Ladder / Via

    8. This cozy Urban Ladder Janet Loveseat (₹20,899) in Vintage Floral Teal, is a unique statement piece you'll cherish forever.

    Urban Ladder / Via

    9. Get the iconic and sinfully relaxing La Z Boy Cardinal Single Seater Recliner in an easy-to-maintain black color. At ₹23,239, it's almost 60% off!

    10. You'll melt right into this extra, EXTRA large brown Sattva Classic Bean Bag (₹1,599).

    Sattva / Via

    11. If you're looking for an ergonomic chair, get this chrome-legged, flexible-mesh-backed Urban Ladder Eisner Office Chair (₹2,899). If you're looking for something with a longer back, consider the Urban Ladder Venturi Study Chair (₹6,509). Both are carbon black, comfortable, and adjustable.

    Urban Ladder / Via, Urban Ladder / Via

    12. Get this highly rated set of three nesting tables from Santosha, from ₹2,621. Each of the tables in each set is a different size and the brand offers nine different designs to suit every taste!

    Santhosha / Via

    13. This retro Cello Novelty Big Cupboard (₹3,952) is a lightweight plastic cupboard, with good storage capacity. It comes in many different colours!

    Cello / Via

    14. The INDIAN DECOR Rectangular Kitchen Cart (₹4,898) is made of MDF wood and black metal, has 3-tiers of storage, and makes for a stylish and functional kitchen cart or bar trolley.

    15. The 4-tiered Voroly Rolling Cart (₹2,149) and the 3-tiered IKEA Lennart Drawer Unit (₹1,499) can be styled in various ways to suit your taste and needs.

    Voroly / Via, IKEA / Via

    16. If closed storage is more your style, consider getting the IKEA Helmer Drawer Unit (₹5,699).

    IKEA / Via

    17. This Solimo Dressing Table (₹4,999) has open storage, a generous mirror, and ample legroom for all the time you'll spend at this vanity.

    18. This tiny Casa Décor Garden Table with Steel Hairpin Legs (₹999) makes a big statement! It's an ideal showcase for a small showpiece, vase or plant and is available in several styles and colours.

    19. If you're looking for a bedside table in which to tuck away necessities and inspirations the Sarswati Furniture Sheesham Wood Bedside Table (₹3,699) is available in several styles and finishes. If you prefer engineered wood, the Solimo Aquilla Bedside Table (₹1,899) is a popular and affordable choice.

    20. The DeckUp Uniti TV Stand and Home Entertainment Unit (₹5,699) triples up as a TV stand, storage unit, and showcase, and is available in four different finishes.

    DeckUp / Via

    21. If you're on the hunt for a dining table, Mamta Decoration has several beautiful sheesham wood options, described in detail below!

    Mamta Decoration / Via

    From Mamta Decoration, for a two-seater we recommend this ₹9,939 set. For a four seater: (1) There's this ₹11,599 minimalist brown set, (2) this ₹14,909 sleek set in teak or mahogany finish, and (3) this sturdy set for ₹22,359. For a six-seater, check out their bestselling Sheesham Wood Dining Set (₹29,990), which comes with four chairs and a bench. There are also other styles in the same listing with six chairs. If you need even more seating, this 8-seater (₹35,200) is available in both a teak and a walnut finish.

    22. As humans spend a third of our lives sleeping, a good mattress is an extremely important investment. Memory foam is comfortable as a cloud and promotes restful sleep. The Amazon Brand Solimo Memory Foam Mattress is available to suit various bed sizes. Prices begin from ₹6,499.

    23. This mustard Tanishkam Pouffe (₹942) will add a happy, vibrant pop of colour to your living space, and can be used as a table top, floor cushion or foot rest.

    24. The Urban Ladder Merritt Trundle Bed (₹11,399) is a single bed with little wheels at the bottom — a real space saver.

    Urban Ladder / Via

    25. And this Nestroots Printed Stool Pouf - Set of Two (₹2,595) somehow manages to be traditional and modern, classic, and bohemian. It's great as a footrest, tabletop for keeping light items, and even just for decoration.

    Nestroots / Via