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    17 Products And Steps For Your Best Eyebrows Ever

    Your brows will be ON FLEEK!

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    If your eyes are the window to your soul, your brows are the frame, showcasing your features. Bad brows are distracting, and good brows enhance by putting the focus on you. The recent brow trend has spawned lots of products on the market, but it can be quite confusing to know what you need and don't need, and how to use them. Read on to learn how to create your perfect eyebrow makeup look!

    The Perfect Eyebrow Proportions,

    The perfectly proportioned eyebrow has three aspects:

    1) The inner corner of the brow is in line with the inner corner of the eye and with the outer corner of the nose.

    2) The arch, the outer corner of the nose, and the centre of your iris should all fall in one angled line.

    3) The outer corner of the brow is in line with the outer corner of the eye.

    Also ask yourself these questions:

    Size: Are the brows thin, medium, or large?

    Volume of hair: Is the hair scanty (with lots of bare patches) or thick?

    Shape: What is the shape — round, straight, soft angled, hard angled, or S-shaped? If the eyebrows are two slightly different shapes, try and make them as symmetrical to each other as possible.

    Don't deviate from the natural shape, size, or hair volume too drastically. Work with, not against your natural features.

    Should you use eyebrow gel, eyebrow powder or an eyebrow pencil?

    Brow Gel: Gel adds volume. Use gel for brows that are scanty in terms of hair and/or are bigger brows in terms of area you need to cover. Eyebrow gel also works better on lighter coloured hair.

    Brow Pencil or Brow Powder: Use pencil or powder for brows and have thick hair that are small to medium in size. These also work better on darker coloured hair.

    What Colour Product To Use

    The colour of the product should closely match the colour of your hair, but if you have light hair, you can go with a darker shade of brows to give more definition.

    -If you have black hair, use a black or ash-coloured brow product.

    -If you have brown hair, use brown product.

    -If you have blonde hair, use a very light brown or caramel product.

    -If you have reddish hair, use reddish product.

    -If you have a highlighted or coloured hair, particularly in a fashion colour (eg: pastel or green) do brows in the colour of your natural hair, going slightly lighter or darker as needed to suit the current hair colour. If you're going for a full-on fashion look, you can also use a mascara in the same (unnatural) colour to tint your brows.

    If you're using a concealer for this area, choose one with an orange tone that blends right into your skin. If you are light-skinned, use a yellow or light orange concealer; the darker your skin, the darker the orange shade of the concealer should be.

    Steps For The Perfect Eyebrow (Natural or Precise)

    Afp Contributor / Getty Images, SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP via Getty Images, Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics

    Rule of thumb: Combing the brow in the direction of growth and concealing around it helps define the brow more precisely. Combing upwards and skipping concealer gives a more natural look.

    Steps For a Precisely Groomed Brow:

    1) Ideally begin with shaped brows: get your eyebrows threaded, plucked, or waxed professionally at a salon or at home.

    2) Determine your brow shape and type using steps described above.

    3) Comb brow with spoolie brush in direction of growth.

    5) Mark the three main points of proportion on the brow with your pencil or other brow product.

    6) Outline of the brow in the ideal, proportional shape.

    7) Fill in the brow within this outline using the pencil, powder, or gel.

    8) Conceal tightly around the brow using angled brush and concealer, to give a precise shape to the brow.

    9) Blend concealer into skin around brow for a smooth finish.

    10) Remove any excess product using the spoolie brush.

    11) Leave the hair on the inner corners between your brows (where you'd wear a bindi) a bit natural or imprecise looking – don't make it look too boxed in.

    12) Highlight the brow bone. Use a silver shade of highlighter if you're light-skinned and a golden shade if you're dark-skinned. A champagne shade is ideal for medium skin and flatters all skin tones, too.

    Finish with setting spray.

    Steps For a Natural-Looking Brow:

    1) Don't thread or pluck, or do so very minimally.

    2) Comb upwards towards the forehead using a spoolie brush for a more rough look, or comb brow with spoolie brush in direction of growth for a slightly more groomed look. Comb the hair in between your brows towards the centre (where you'd wear a bindi) for unibrow vibes.


    3) Add a hint of brow gel, pencil or powder to fill in areas with scanty hair. You can also optionally seal the brow with transparent mascara or comb upwards with a mixture of soap and water for a "soap brow" look.


    For a natural brow:

    1) Spoolie brush to comb the brows.

    Angled brush (or Dual spoolie-plus-angled brush) to blend brow powder if using it. Usually brow powder comes with an angled brush.

    -Product (Eyebrow gel OR eyebrow powder OR eyebrow pencil -- choose one of them using guideline above).

    -Transparent mascara.

    For a precise brow:


    1) Brushes: Spoolie brush (to comb the brows), Angled brush (to blend concealor or brow powder if using) or even a Dual spoolie-plus-angled brush.

    2) One brow colour product (Eyebrow gel OR eyebrow powder OR eyebrow pencil; choose one of them using guideline above).

    3) Concealer


    -Small blending brush to blend concealer around brow and eye area, and to apply highlighter


    -Setting spray

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