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    22 Essentials To Make Your Daily Commute Less Hellish

    Traffic? Pollution? Inclement weather? Unhygienic surroundings? Keep your commute comfortable no matter what.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Commutes can be long, dreary and uncomfortable particularly in crowded urban areas. There's boredom and the anxiety of dealing with pollution, unhygienic surroundings, inclement weather, and being left stranded without something you urgently need. Here are some things that will help make your commute comfortable and relaxing.

    1. A small power bank to recharge on the go.

    This compact and portable power bank from Zinq Technologies will let you charge your phone and stay connected without a power point. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh and is available in multiple colours.

    Price: ₹449

    2. Delicious and nutritious energy bars.

    So you accidentally skipped a meal and are starving again! Keep some energy bars on you to snack on the go. Yogabars Multigrain Energy Bars are extremely nutritious (they're made of whole grains, nuts and seeds) and have no added sugar, preservatives, or flavours. We recommend getting the Variety Box which has ten 38 gram bars in four flavours – Chocolate Chunk Nut, Nuts and Seeds Crunch, Cashew Orange Zest, and Vanilla Almond.

    Price: ₹360 for a pack of ten.

    3. A portable urination device for when you don't have access to a clean public restroom.

    "No more withholding your urge to pee, no more trying to squat or hover over the toilet seat!" SANFE urination funnels for women are portable and disposable. They're menstruation-friendly, leak-proof, and ideal for women travelling outdoors without access to clean public restrooms. Also a good idea if you're pregnant or have joint pain.

    Price: ₹175 for a pack of 20.

    4. A foldable spare bag for an impromptu grocery haul.

    Maybe you have some extra files to take home from work or want to shop for groceries en route. Carrying a foldable spare bag within your everyday bag is a useful hack. The Earthy Fab foldable bag measures just 3x4.5 inches folded but a spacious 15x16 inches when opened! It is sturdy enough to carry heavy items, and is also waterproof. Available in multiple colours.

    Price: ₹198

    5. A multipurpose balm for your face, lips, hair, and nails.,

    You don't need to carry a separate lip balm, hand cream, lotion, etc. Just carry one good multipurpose product that does the job and keeps your skin and hair hydrated. We recommend The Body Shop Amazonian Savior Multi-Purpose Balm, which has a very neutral scent (₹1,195, for 1.6 oz) or the ever popular petroleum jelly, Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly (₹120 for 100 ml).

    6. Pollution masks to keep your lungs healthy.

    These Eco365 disposable face masks protect you against air pollution, dust, pollen, smog, bacteria, infection, and flu. They contain activated carbon, are ultrasonically sealed with three layers, and have soft ear loops and an adjustable nose clip for comfort. They're also pretty stylish.

    Price: ₹150 for a pack of 50 masks.

    7. An Audible membership so you can listen to books in an audiobook format.

    Even my friends who aren't readers have become readers thanks to audiobooks. As someone who loves reading, I never thought audiobooks could replace text on a page for me, but I've been using Audible for a couple of years now and it's been incredible! What I love most is how you can have the book playing in the background while you focus on other tasks, like say cleaning your home or commuting to work. You can even adjust the reading speed to be faster or slower. What's more, I finish audiobooks faster than physical or e-books.

    Currently, you get a month's free trial and the first audiobook is free. Audible is ₹199 per month after 30 days. Learn more here.

    8. The Amazon Kindle app so you can read your favourite books. (PS - You don't need the Kindle device to do this! You can read on your phone too.)

    I've been reading books on the Kindle app on my phone for years and it's absolutely amazing! Learn more here.

    9. A pen drive to transfer key data on short notice.

    This SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive is small enough to fit in your wallet and has 32GB of storage for any tech emergencies.

    Price: ₹428

    10. A small but mighty umbrella to keep you prepared for sudden rains.

    Have you ever got caught in a sudden rainsotrm, had to take an Uber at surge pricing, had your laptop get wet, or fallen sick for the rest of the week all because you forgot your bulky umbrella? This compact umbrella weighs just 231 grams and measures 16 cm (about 6 inches), making it the perfect commuter companion. Keep it in your bag at all times!

    Price: ₹610

    11. Excellent headphones to stay in your happy bubble and stay entertained.

    These boAt BassHeads 100 in-ear headphones with mic have over 30,000 reviews on Amazon! They have great sound quality and have Alexa built-in. Available in multiple colours.

    Price: ₹369

    12. A warm but lightweight hoodie to get you through temperature changes.

    If you feel under attack by office and transport air-conditioning, hoodies are heavy enough to keep you warm and light enough to carry around daily. They're durable and easy to wash too.

    Allan Jones has several affordable cotton hoodies in multiple colours for men and women.

    Price: From ₹649 for men and women.

    13. 3-in-1 power cord to stay recharged.

    This EYUVAA Label charging cable contains an iOS cable, a micro cable, and a USB C cable to accommodate various charging requirements.

    Price: ₹399

    14. Comfortable everyday shoes to make sure you catch that train on schedule.,

    Can we all agree that sneakers going mainstream have been the best trend ever and a revolution for our collective foot health? Even if the trend at your work place veers towards less comfortable options, we suggest keeping your uncomfortable shoes at work to change in to, and wear a good pair of sneakers at other times. Puma Unisex's Felix Runner sneakers are available in multiple sizes and colours.

    Price: From ₹1,014

    15. Mini hand sanitisers to protect you from germs.

    The Zuci hand sanitiser comes in a pack of three 30 ml bottles in different fruit flavours. It also includes a free bag tag. It kills 99.99 percent germs and contains moisturisers and vitamin E beads that leave your hands smoother. If you want something more neutral smelling, consider Purell.

    Price: ₹150

    16. Wet wipes for a quick mid-day refresh.

    These thick, absorbant Amazon Brand Solimo Wet Wipes come in a pack of 30 wipes and are ideal for cleansing your face and hands. They come in a cucumber fragrance, containing aloe vera to soothe skin, Vitamin E for hydration and glycerin and chamomile extracts for extra moisturising and cleansing.

    Price: ₹60 for a pack of 30 wipes.

    17. Strong mints to keep your breath delicious.

    Ice Breakers Cinnamon are sugar free and deliciously cinnamon-ey. Although expensive for mints, they're really strong and this 42 gram pack will last you a while.

    Price: ₹200

    18. Perfume to give you that je ne sais quoi.,

    Carry a small bottle of your favourite fragrance for those days when you need a little extra boost of confidence. We recommend W.O.W Aquatism and W.O.W Black Poisin, both ₹180 for 30 ml.

    19. A long-lasting lipstick in your favourite colour.

    Even if you're wearing no other makeup, lipstick will give you a pop of colour and make you look effortlessly dressed up. We recommend Sugar Cosmetics' liquid matte lippies, in a neutral yet versatile shade like 04 Plum Yum. It suits every skin tone and can take you from that important meeting to that fun hangout with friends to that very special date.

    Price: ₹474

    20. A sturdy water bottle to keep you hydrated.

    The Visual Prisma F2GO water bottle is made of stainless steel. It is unbreakable, odourless, BPA-free, refrigerator safe and has an air tight seal. It holds upto 1 litre and is available in six colours.

    Price: ₹399

    21. An iPad: If your phone screen doesn't cut it, invest in a 32GB Apple iPad for entertainment on the go. Available with WiFi and WiFi+4G LTE.

    This device has a 9.7-inch Retina display, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, an 8MP back camera and a 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera, a two-speaker audio, and up to ten hours of battery life.

    Price: ₹25,499 for the WiFi version and ₹37,450 for WiFi+4G LTE.

    22. And a simple, high-quality notebook to journal your thoughts in.

    Doodling and journaling can be therapeutic. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can lead to increased calm and self-awareness.

    We recommend the AmazonBasics Classic Notebook, Ruled (130mm x 210mm). It has 240 ruled pages, a cardboard bound cover, an integrated bookmark, and elastic closure.

    Price: ₹299