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    17 Emoticon And Emoji-Inspired Items To Give You Heart Eyes

    Your resident emoji enthusiast will love these! 😍

    1. These dramatic emoji fridge magnets - ₹199 for when the last piece of cake was eaten.

    2. These naughty emoji monkey cushions - ₹599 (set of 3) that will make for a fun conversation piece.

    3. This Caseria emoji T-shirt for men and women from ₹349.

    4. These fun emoji cushions - ₹299 (set of 3)

    5. These emoji mugs- from ₹394 that will add life to your kitchen.

    6. These cute emoji keychains - ₹399 (pack of 12) to keep track of your keys, add to your backpack, or gift as party favours.

    7. This angry emoji earphone holder case - ₹125 to remind your family, friends, and bae to go get their own earphones and keep their paws off yours.

    8. This multifunctional hardtop case - ₹429 to store stationery, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

    9. This poop emoji cushion- ₹295 that every hater will adore.

    10. The awesome emoji stickers - ₹319 (20 sheets) to add flair to your notes and tech accessories.

    11. This glitter emoji journal - ₹1,946 with lock and key and a furry pen to write down all your juiciest secrets.

    12. These expressive dashboard bounce toys - ₹260 (pack of 6) to keep you company in your car, on your desk, and elsewhere.

    13. This reversible sequinned emoji pillow - ₹399 that can change moods from laughing to furious as quickly as you!

    14. This unsympathetic shit happens mug- ₹299 that literally reminds you to "get over it."

    15. There adorable, fuzzy cotton emoji slippers - from ₹395.

    16. These emoji luggage tags - ₹225 (set of 4) so you you never lose track of which bag belongs to you when travelling.

    17. And this must-watch for emoji enthusiasts worldwide: The Emoji Movie DVD - ₹999.