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    22 Products To Make Laundry Day An Absolute Breeze

    Laundry loads = loads of fun 🧼🧺

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This sturdy, foldable, bestselling Miniso laundry bag - ₹350, available in several cute styles, can easily hold a week of clothes for a small family.

    2. This nifty clothes folder - ₹699 will ensure your clean clothes don't end up in a pile on the bed for days after laundry day.

    3. If you're in the market for an affordable washing machine, this semi-automatic Onida washing machine - ₹4,899 is suitable for daily use for families of up to 4 members.

    4. For an affordable dryer, get this DMR Semi-Automatic Dryer - ₹4,750 that can spin dry up to 9 adult clothes at a time. It doesn't do any washing, just drying, and doesn't use much electricity.

    5. Take stock of all the clothes you're not going to wear for the foreseeable future— seasonal, pieces that don't fit— and vacuum seal them to save massive closet space. These vacuum storage bags- ₹1,099 compress your clothes, hygienically protect them from mould and mildew and can save up to 80% of your closet space.

    6. If you prefer hand-washing your clothes rather than machine-washing, a bucket or a drum (preferably with a lid) is a must-have. Get a 100-litre, 60-litre or 34-litre drum or a 30-litre tub as needed.

    7. The handy IKEA MULIG Drying Rack, in case you have space and want to dry clothes indoors - ₹3,299

    Price: ₹3,299.

    8. This useful IKEA TORKIS Peg Basket (with 30 clothes pegs) - ₹499 that is so convenient to hang on your drying rack as it'll keep all your clothes pins in one place.

    9. These high-quality mesh laundry bags - ₹370 (Set of 3) that you can put your delicates like lingerie in, knowing that they will retain their shape.

    10. The IKEA VESKEN Shelf Unit can fit in compact spaces, like under your sink, and will help you organise all those bottles of detergent in one place - ₹599

    It measures 14.2 x 9 x 15.75 inches and is made of recycled plastic.

    Price: ₹599

    11. Don't wait until you get mould in the monsoon season — get this Absorbia moisture absorber - ₹194 ASAP. It removes excess moisture, fungus, mould and more that lingers in cupboards and spaces, and protects your belongings.

    Get it here.

    12. A washing machine stand - ₹1,250 that will keep your machine off the ground and more portable as it has 360-degree rotating wheels and can hold upto 140 kgs!

    13. This closed laundry basket - ₹950 from Cello has specially designed air vents to keep clothes odour free. It's space-saving, lightweight, and has handles for easy portability. It's also available in many colours.

    14. Use these Amazon storage cubes - ₹1,129 (6 pack) to organise your cabinets and stow things away neatly, or at least hide the mess better. You can even use them as under-bed storage.

    Get it here.

    15. This flexible and foldable cupboard organiser - ₹499 with multiple small slots is ideal for smaller garments and accessories.

    16. These cute and durable sari bags- ₹479 (Set of 4) have 2,500+ reviews and are available in several styles and packs of two to six.

    17. The IKEA JALL laundry bag with stand - ₹619 makes it easy to collect your used clothes in one place, transport them to the laundry area, and return them to your closet. You can hang it on a hook too.

    Holds 70 litre volume and up to 8kg. Get it here.

    18. This hilarious and honest laundry bag - ₹399, that warns you to be on top of your laundry game. 'Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow'....It's your choice!

    19. This space-saving 5-layer hanger - ₹325 (Set of 5) you absolutely need if closet space is a constraint.

    20. These luxurious and sturdy velvet suit hangers - ₹1,499 (Set of 50) that'll inspire you to organise your entire wardrobe by colour.

    21. This fragrance pouch - ₹175 with French lavender from Iris will add a subtle fragrance to your space.

    22. The Forest Essentials Coorg Mandarin room spray - ₹1,150 will bring the delicate, rolling hills of Coorg to your home...and your wardrobe if you like.

    Made of all-natural ingredients, including cold-pressed mandarin essential oil, it will relieve stress and uplift your senses.

    Get it here.

    Cartoon of lady doing laundry, saying: "Oh laundry, sometimes I feel like our first president, because I am Washing-a-ton." (laughs) "Yeah"