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    32 Home Decor Items For A Glamorous Art Deco Space

    It's all about glamour, sophistication, bling and living your best life!

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    Art Deco is all about balanced, bold maximalism.

    Art Deco (or Arts Décoratifs) is a popular decor style that emerged nearly a century ago, in 1920s Paris, from a range of influences. This bold, opulent style is all about balance—  balancing the structured with the sinuous, balancing prints with plains, and sometimes neutrals with colour. It alludes to Hollywood glamour, international travel and the exotic. This versatile style can also be interpreted in many different ways, so you may want to read up further online. If you love The Great Gatsby or over-the-top Versace prints, you will love this sophisticated, glamorous style. Read on!

    1. For your primary furniture items, choose symmetric pieces that combine straight and curved lines in ways distinctive to Art Deco. You can choose neutral colours (black, white, beige, grey) or bright colours too (pastels, jewel tones), for a more eclectic take.

    Do include an oversize statement piece like this diwan, this scalloped accent chair, or this Art Deco style Chesterfield:

    Sheesham wood diwan - ₹13,999

    Pepperfry chair - ₹12,999

    Chesterfield sofa - ₹23,499

    2. Add texture to a plain wall with mirrored decals like these square or hexagon decals, available in silver or gold finishes, or these butterfly decals for a more romantic vibe.

    3. For accent furniture pieces, choose elegant, ornate pieces with geometric silhouettes and metallic, reflective surfaces and finishes.

    4. A bold accent wall with a geometric print is a popular feature of this style. Greek key print, chevron, chessboard, and stripes work well, and black-and-white is a popular combination.

    5. Mirrored furniture goes well in this style, like these gorgeous consoles and this dresser. You don't want to go overboard with this though, as these pieces will reflect other things in the room!

    6. If you want a more earthy vibe, choose glamorous wooden pieces with a metal frame. Shiny, lacquered or laminated wood finishes work well too. Wood furniture with inlay work is also common.

    7. Glass surfaces with a metal frame are common too.

    8. Marble is a popular finish, and this wallpaper with a marble finish will look amazing on walls as well as tabletops.

    9. These aluminium foil stickers or these muted tiled stickers will refresh your kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, any surfaces, and even the inside of draws.

    10. For curtains, go for a plain curtain in a shiny fabric, or a geometric print curtain if the rest of your space is neutral.

    11. Tassled curtain ties will make your drapes look as glam and high-maintenance as you. Choose a matching or contrasting colour.

    Tassled curtain ties - ₹249 (colours available)

    12. You need a glamourous chandelier, like this layered crystal chandelier or this geometric, structured pendant lamp.

    13. Art Deco is all about being a sophisticated partier, so get a stylish, metallic bar cart or serving trolley. Even if you don't drink, you can use it for showpieces, books, and non-alcoholic beverages.

    14. For flooring, choose a plush, high-pile shag rug in a solid colour, or even a geometric print rug.

    15. Get a small fur rug as a throw for a chair. It can double up as a background to display your latest hauls for Instagram flat lays.

    16. Zebra prints are popular in this style as they're black-and-white and have an exotic element too. Get these lovely zebra cushion covers, zebra rug or zebra bedsheets.

    17. Get bedsheets in a modern geometric print (Greek key, chevron) or in an Art Deco floral print. Neutral or bright colours can work, depending on the rest of your decor.

    18. Large headboards with a distinctive design are prevalent in Art Deco. For warmer weather, wrought iron bed frames work well too— with similar ornate headboards.

    19. Damask is another print that goes with this style, and you can incorporate it with velvet cushion covers or wallpaper.

    20. Don't be afraid to try unusual cushions— round, ruffled and even flower-shaped!

    21. Use pretty trays to place organize smaller items on your coffee table, like candles and remotes.

    22. A must-have accessory to nail this look is a gorgeous sunburst mirror, and this golden coloured one would light up your whole space. You can also go for an ornate, handcrafted mirror in a distressed, dull gold finish. -

    23. This style celebrates the glamour of the Hollywood golden age. Incorporate this vibe through this cinema lightbox that comes with letters so you can personalise it with messages every day!

    24. Add electronic candles, or decorative brass candlestick holders paired with old-school unscented plain white candles.

    Electronic candles - ₹ 1,199

    Brass candlestick holders - from ₹399

    White tapered candles - ₹279 (set of 6)

    For a modern take, you can use a candle in a sweet, elegant fragrance, like this LightHaus "Simplicity" vanilla caramel candle - ₹499.

    25. Show off photos of the good life— romance, travel, music and all things glam! Go for black-and-white photos for an even more glam look. You can't go wrong with dark frames or any glam, geometric photo frame.

    26. For artwork, angular, cubist art — like some of these Pablo Picasso posters— pairs well with the Art Deco style.

    27. Vintage Art Nouveau ad prints, like these Henri Privat-Livemont prints will really pop against your new Art Deco space!

    28. For floral arrangements, have large plants like palm or dracaena around the house. Put large, luxurious bouquets, or alternatively, peacock feathers in a vase.

    29. Keep this glam jar at hand with nuts and chocolates, so you can snack in style.

    30. To make your space feel like a stylist's spot on a movie set, organize and display clothes like with the elegant IKEA MULIG clothes rack or the IKEA RIGGA clothes rack, which has an adjustable height and an open storage rack at the bottom.

    31. Get this 360-degrees rotating makeup organizer to decoratively display all your beloved products, and keep them easy to access.

    Amazon's Choice product. Made of plastic. LxWxH: 23x23x30cm.

    Rotating makeup organiser- ₹719

    32. For a finishing touch, choose a single-colour, geometric textured throw blanket to create texture. Place against a sofa, chair, or cushions, to create texture and contrast. Cuddle up with it while watching old movies and admiring your glamorous, new Art Deco space!

    Available in multiple sizes and colours.

    Saral throw - from ₹899