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    10 Self-Care Tips That Will Improve Your 2020

    Say "yes" to less stress!

    1. Practice yoga

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    Practicing yoga is a great way to de-stress and focus on being in the moment. Yoga is a beginner-friendly exercise that has both easy positions and more complex positions to challenge the mind and body.

    2. Eat healthier

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    Sometimes when you're stressed, you might want to eat. This is called "stress-eating." When you do this repetitively, over time your mind conditions you to eat whenever you feel a bit stressed. You can combat this by finding healthier snacks like fruits and veggies to munch on.

    3. Update your skincare routine

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    Take time for your skin! When you're tired, your skin tends to show it. Changing up your skincare routine and pampering yourself with face masks is a great way to practice self-care in the new year!

    4. Clean your space

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    A messy space can really cloud your mind. You stress yourself out more by not being able to find everything amongst the mess. Try taking a day to really clean out your space. Throw away anything that you don't use or wear anymore, and maybe do a bit of organizing, too.

    5. Make time for fun

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    It's always healthy to make time for fun. Try going out for brunch, going to the gym, or watching a movie with a friend by your side! Pick someone with a positive attitude, find an activity and do it together.

    6. Unplug for an hour

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    Phones are part of people's daily routines. Sometimes it's stressful to answer 50 emails within the hour or make a phone call that feels like it will never end. Take a moment to turn off your phone, or put it on "do not disturb," and do something without the use of electronics.

    7. Check-in with yourself and write positive lists

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    The best part about self-care is that it's all about you. You're allowed to be selfish and ask yourself, "how am I feeling?" It's OK to say, "am I OK?" Checking in with yourself allows you to understand your feelings and why you're feeling a certain way. Make sure to write in a diary about your different moods, goals, things you're grateful for, etc., to help clear your mind.

    8. Ask for help

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    Asking for help is a great way of practicing self-care. Find someone you can trust and make sure that they feel comfortable helping you. Ask them to help you with some tasks in your life. It could be easy or a bit more complex. This makes you feel less alone.

    9. Praise yourself

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    We all accomplish great things or even good things every day. Don't forget to take some time to list your accomplishments and reward yourself for them. Buy that shirt you really wanted or treat yourself for the night! You deserve it.

    10. Sleep

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    Get some sleep. Take a nap, turn off your alarm and just sleep. Sleep heals the body in so many ways. It improves your mood, reduces stress, maintains your immune system, and increases productivity. It's a great way to refresh the mind and body.

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