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What Things Do You Do To Get Better Sleep?

Looking for small, doable tips and tricks that have helped you get more shut-eye.

For some people, getting to sleep is a piece of cake. But for others, it can be an absolute pain in the ass.

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^^^ Me on most nights, TBH.

So we want to know: What are your little tips and tricks for getting better sleep?

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What things do you do before bed, throughout the day, or while you're in bed to make getting quality sleep a little bit easier?

Maybe you simply decided you weren't going to bring your phone to bed anymore.

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No more scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the night.

Or you stopped eating foods that were high in sugar or sodium at night because you realized they were keeping you up.

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Or maybe you found foods that actually help you get some quality Zs.

Perhaps you started journaling before bed so that you got all your to-dos and random thoughts off your mind and down on paper.

Or you started using an app that acts as a sleep diary and helps you track your hours of sleep and your quality of sleep.

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That way you could analyze your sleep patterns and potentially determine the cause of your restlessness.

Maybe you started listening to some white noise or soothing podcasts.

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Who doesn't love the sound of a babbling brook?

Or you decided to give up naps and start sticking to a regular sleep cycle, EVEN on the weekends.

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Because getting a solid night's sleep is probably better than a two-hour nap in the middle of the day.

Tell us what tips you have for getting better sleep in the dropbox below and the best answers will appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post or video.