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What Do You Want To Know About Nutrition And Weight Loss?

Like, how do you eat healthily if you're literally always hungry? Or can you drink alcohol if you're trying to lose weight?

Weight loss and dieting can be tough — especially because everyone's body is different, which means there is NO hard-and-fast set of rules for how to do it ~right~.

That's why BuzzFeed Health wants to make life a little bit easier by answering all of your diet- and weight loss-specific questions.

We want to provide you with fact-based info straight from legit experts, and hold the rigid or judgmental opinions and prescriptive advice that can be common when it comes to weight loss.

Maybe you want to know....

How do I stick to my diet if I'm literally always hungry?

I'm working out and eating healthier than I ever have before. So why has my body composition stayed the same?

Can I drink alcohol if I'm trying to lose weight?

What's the deal with cutting out dairy? Is it actually beneficial if you don't have an allergy?

Does it make a difference when you eat your meals?

So tell us: What do you want to know about nutrition, weight loss, diet, and any related topic?

Send your nutrition, diet, and weight loss questions to HealthQs@buzzfeed.com! Or feel free to write them in the dropbox below.

We'll interview registered dietitians, nutrition experts, and personal trainers (if your question involves fitness in any way) then get back to you (through a post, obvi). When submitting your question, please remember to let us know whether you'd like to remain anonymous — otherwise we'll use your name — and give us as much context as possible so that our experts can fully assess your situation and offer the best answers possible.

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