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    17 Super Helpful Tips For Anyone Who's Terrified Of The Gym

    Everyone's gotta start somewhere. Here's how to jump in with confidence.

    If you're new to fitness the thought of hitting the gym can be intimidating AF.

    1. Create a plan of attack so that you'll walk into the gym more confidently.

    2. Next, find workouts that will help you achieve those goals. Write them down and bring them with you.

    3. Make sure the gym you choose feels like somewhere you actually want to be.

    4. If a big gym full of equipment and people doing intense lifting is terrifying, consider a boutique gym where everyone does one thing and does it together.

    5. When you’re joining the gym, ask for a walkthrough of the space and equipment.

    6. Pay attention to the brand of machines in the gym so you can look up instructional tutorials online later.

    7. Use a guest pass immediately so you can get to know the space with someone else.

    8. Take advantage of your free personal training sessions early on.

    9. Start out by hitting the gym during off peak hours.

    10. If you’re scared to join a class right now, just take some time to peek in and see what it’s like.

    11. Find something exciting to train for that will get you through those gym doors.

    12. Always ask for help when you need it.

    13. Consider doing workouts that let you conquer one part of the gym at a time.

    14. Use headphones to block out the world.

    "Just making a great playlist and having a familiarity with what you’re going to listen to once you get going can ease some of the anxiety," Lanier says. If you don't have the time to put together a kickass playlist, you can find some on apps like Spotify, 8Tracks, or Pandora. This can help drown out the noise around you and distract you from wondering about what everyone else is doing so you can focus on your own workout. Heck you can even get lost in a podcast or an audiobook while you exercise.

    15. Use online groups to learn new tips or commiserate about being a fitness newbie.

    16. Look good, so you feel good.

    17. Compete with yourself and only yourself.

    Remember: Everyone started somewhere. And if they can figure it out, you definitely can, too!