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17 Cleanses That Will Help You Start 2016 Off Right

Time to detox, declutter, and de-shittyfriend your life.

1. The Unfriend Cleanse

2. The IRL Unfriend Cleanse

3. The Inbox Cleanse

4. The Wut-Is-Even-in-This-Bag Cleanse

5. The Single Sock Cleanse

6. The Outdated Condom Cleanse

7. The I-Took-Too-Many-Selfies Cleanse

8. The OMG-We-Have-to-Get-Drinks-Soon Cleanse

9. The WTF-Are-All-These-Papers Cleanse

10. The Ex Cleanse

11. The Closet Cleanse

12. The Tinder Cleanse

13. The Yes-I-Know-My-Storage-Is-Almost-Full Cleanse

14. The Medicine Cabinet Cleanse

15. The Foods-and-Drinks-That-Make-You-Vomit Cleanse

16. The Negativity Cleanse

17. The Bad Blood Cleanse

It's a brand-new year! Detox the negative, seek out the positive, and make it a great one!