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What Relationship Habits Do People Need To Quit ASAP?

Time to stop snooping on each other's social media, folks.

Relationships can be hard to navigate, and there are definitely specific habits that can make it even harder.

We want to know what relationship habits you think are toxic and need to be dropped.

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Because honestly, a relationship built on mutual trust and respect is waaaay more fun than the alternative.

For example, maybe you think it's crappy when a partner expects you to read their mind.

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That'd be convenient... but yeah, not really possible.

Or when a partner tries to make you jealous just because they're upset with you.

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Is that really going to solve the problem?

Maybe you hate it when you and your partner play the blame game, instead of just taking responsibility for your actions.

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Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Or when you and your partner passive aggressively hold onto things that upset you and only bring them up during a fight.

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Keeping score is never a good idea.

Perhaps, you think it's a bad habit when you and your partner only spend time with one another.

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A relationship can benefit from some independence and alone time, too.

Or when you snoop through each other's social media in order to ~figure out~ if you can really trust each other or not.

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That's not really how trust works.

Tell us what relationship habits you think should be quit ASAP in the dropbox below and the best answers will appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post or video.