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24 Things Everyone Who Went Through Puberty Will Relate To

Life's rough out here for a teenager.

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Anyone who's gone through puberty knows it can be pretty rough.

1. For starters, it's like your body has no chill.

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2. It doesn't matter how much you wash your face, you STILL get acne.

3. Your body starts to smell weird...without ANY warning.

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The ultimate betrayal.

4. And one day you just wake up sounding like James Earl Jones.

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5. Or you look down and realize you're bleeding from your vagina, which apparently makes you a "woman" or something.

6. Literally everything feels like it's the end of the world. / Via

Sally likes Ben, but Ben likes Kathy and Sally has no idea, and WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL SALLY??

7. And it's like NO ONE gets you anymore.

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What do you mean it's not a big deal and Sally will be OK?? Trust me, SHE WILL NOT BE OK.

8. Hair starts growing out of the most awkward places.

9. People start expecting you to have, like, grooming habits.

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10. And you're hungry basically anytime you're conscious.

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11. Growth spurts can sometimes make things awkward.

12. All of your classmates who used to have "cooties" now seem attractive AF.

13. And even though everyone says it's a crush, you know you're definitely 100% in love.

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14. Now that you started thinking about sex, you can't stop.

15. Which makes you feel weird things in weird places.

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WTF is happening here.

16. And sometimes your body decides to just go for it in public.

Seriously, now?

17. You find that you're suddenly a lot more interested in...alone time.

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18. Everyone starts trying to explain the reproduction process to you.

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19. And you'll do whatever it takes to avoid your parents every time they say "we need to talk."

20. Your mom starts making outrageous demands — like that you wear a bra or deodorant or something.

21. Meanwhile, your dad insists on embarrassing you in front of all your friends.

22. And your siblings don't understand the meaning of personal space.

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23. But while puberty may's life, and all you can do is embrace the awkwardness.

Like this guy, who is really freaking rad.

24. Because, honestly, life goes on.