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How Do You Cook Healthier Even Though You're Lazy AF?

Calling all lazy chefs who've found ways to cook a little healthier this year.

Look, healthy cooking is hard enough, and it's even worse when you can barely get yourself to cook as it is.

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So we want to know: What little ways did you start cooking healthier this year, despite being pretty freaking lazy?

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Maybe you started making the perfect make-ahead breakfast so you don't have to rely on whatever's convenient on your way to work.

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Or you started finding recipes for desserts that get their sweetness from fruit rather than from added refined sugar.

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(Added sugar just means sugar that's added to food during manufacturing or processing. So, like, not the naturally occurring sugar in fruit and dairy.)

Maybe you experimented with steaming, grilling, or baking your food instead of pan-frying it.

Or you've figured out how to use seasonings and whip up homemade sauces instead of relying on store-bought dressings and sauces.

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Perhaps you've identified a couple one-skillet recipes that include protein, fat, and yummy complex carbs.

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Or you've invested in a slow cooker so that you can just dump all the ingredients in and go on with your day.

Tell us what easy ways you cooked healthier this year in the form below and your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post or video.

We want to hear all about the hacks, tips, and products that have helped you out.