Do You Need To Give Up Alcohol If You're Trying To Lose Weight?

    Here's the verdict.

    The internet is loaded with opinions on what will ~guarantee~ you weight-loss results, and it seems like the consensus is you have to give up alcohol if you actually want to see progress.

    But what's the deal? Do you really need to stop drinking alcohol in order to lose weight?

    First thing's first: Yes, alcohol is empty calories, similar to candy, soda, etc., and can sometimes pack a decent amount of carbohydrates.

    Drinking can also slow down your ability to recover from exercise, which will hinder your results.

    It can also mess with your quality of sleep, and being exhausted will probably make you less likely to exercise and stick to your eating plan.

    But that being said, just because you're trying to lose weight doesn't mean you need to give up alcohol altogether.

    In fact, living by a strict ~all or nothing~ rule could make it harder for you to ultimately meet your weight-loss goals.

    Instead, if you decide you want to drink, try limiting yourself to two alcoholic beverages per night.

    And while you shouldn't obsess over what type of alcohol is ~healthier~, if you're drinking liquor, try not to go overboard on the mixers and decadent cocktails.

    Get in a good meal before drinking so that you're not tempted to eat things you normally wouldn't once you have alcohol in your system.

    And a little bit of pre-drinking planning and being committed to not staying out too late will go a long way in helping you stick to your goals.

    Another strategy is to make drinking your treat for that day or week.

    And remember, every case is different and it's up to you to decide what's best for your body and your goals.

    The bottom line is: Alcohol isn't going to help you get to your weight-loss goals, but it also shouldn't hurt them if you're drinking in moderation.

    The more you know!