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Here's What You Should Actually Eat When You're Drunk

Because tequila will try to convince you that onion rings are a food group.

So, you’re going to be drinking tonight. Time to plan your meals accordingly.

First, don’t forget to eat dinner. Like, actual dinner.

A GOOD pre-drinking dinner will have whole grains, protein, produce, and healthy fat. Like a burrito bowl.

Or seafood, rice, and veggies.

While you’re out, snack on something salty or spicy then chase it down with water.

Oops, you’re drunk. Now you’re allowed to have mozzarella sticks, right?

If at all humanly possible, miso soup might just save your life.

Or just go for the ~realest food~ on the 7-page diner menu — preferably a protein-rich, light meal.

If you absolutely need something greasy in your mouth, French fries aren’t a completely heinous option.

“They’re a super junkie food, but they could potentially make you feel better,” says Blatner. That’s because potatoes have potassium and sodium, both of which are electrolytes that help balance the fluids in your body (something you desperately need after a night of drinking). Also, they'll stimulate thirst so you're forced to drink even more water.

BUT if your stomach is upset and/or you're prone to heartburn, stay far away from fried foods. High-fat foods and fried stuff will sit in your stomach longer, and that — mixed with alcohol — can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, producing heartburn and acid reflux, says Breslow.

You’re so close to your bed you can feel it. But first, coconut water.

So… brunch? Yes. Brunch.

Not feeling 100% yet? That’s probably because you drank an actual shit ton last night.

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