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The Two Kinds Of People You Meet At College

Headed off to school?? What kind of people are you gonna meet? What kind of person are YOU going to be?

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When you head off to University you're going to meet a lot of people, sadly they are only going to fit into one of TWO GROUPS

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You're probably wondering what groups they are, scroll on you lazy buzzfeed reader, and you'll be shocked at what you find.


Yes. That's right. All these punks and posers are are fans of other people. More specifically: Evan Craig. They follow him around and kiss the ground he walks on perhaps, or maybe they avoid him because they are simply SO intimidated. Get it? Those ugly losers who are simply Evan Craig Fans do. Are you one of them or are you...


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Now this is the person you want to befriend, or be in most circumstances. When they walk into the room it's like yup. They're in there. Exactly. If you don't understand it's because you aren't him. Sorry. Sucks to be you.

Who are you going to be in college?

you don't have a lot of options.

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