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It Was A Tough Year For Heterosexuality

In 2019, mainstream American culture has wrestled with (white, middle-class) straightness — and the question of whether it might be an ultimately doomed project.

Shannon Keating One month ago

The Case For Renting Your Clothes

I love experimenting with style, but hate how much clothing I end up getting rid of. By renting and returning a few things each month, I think I can have it both ways.

Shannon Keating 3 months ago

Kindness Is Not Enough

As illustrated by the A-list stars applauding Ellen DeGeneres’s friendship with George W. Bush and a “beautiful” video of Brandt Jean forgiving his brother’s killer, the most privileged among us too often prioritize positivity over justice.

Shannon Keating 4 months ago

Against Nihilism

This summer I confronted an unsettling question: Why bother being kind to my body or saving for the future if there isn’t even going to be a future?

Shannon Keating 5 months ago

Are Straight Women OK?

Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women is framed as a sweeping exploration of human desire, when it’s really just one more “relatable” narrative of straight women’s sexual despair.

Shannon Keating 7 months ago