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    It's International Dog Day!!!

    Get ready for all the belly rubs!

    So, International dog day is today, August 26th. Seriously, dogs are sooo cute that someone couldn't resist of making it a date!

    a cute dachshund sleeping! (Sorry, I'm obsessed with dachshunds)

    So, What type of dog do you like? A golden retriever? A cute Dachshund? A pug? Honestly, I just like all dogs.

    dog with tongue out

    Let's take some time to appreciate how much dogs have kept us busy during quarantine. Seriously, I'm pretty sure my dog is fed up with the amount of walks I take him.

    Dog on a leesh

    Some doggy facts..............The world's largest dog was the Great Dane named Zeus, he died in 2014 but still remains the largest dog ever.

    Zeus, a great dane, the largest dog in the world

    And the smallest dog in the world is the breed....Chihuahua! They tend to be overprotective of their owner, for such a small dog. They originated from Mexico.

    Chihuahua, worlds smallest dog
    Guiness world records

    But seriously, International dog day is something very important. Its to raise awareness of the importance of providing rescue dogs with a safe and loving environment, and to adopt dogs. Deep and cute.

    So to all the dogs out there, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DOG DAY! May your day be filled with hugs, tummy rubs, and treats!